Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 74: A hero to the rescue

Chapter 74: A hero to the rescue

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Ye Wan Wan headed back to her dorm right away and didn't think too much about the episode by the lake. There were only a few months left before the college entrance exam so she wouldn't be in school for much longer; there was no need to waste her time on these childish games.

The next morning.

Ye Wan Wan reverted back to her outrageous get-up and went to class as usual.

Just as she stepped inside, the chaotic classroom became silent in an instant. The students in class stared at her with gleaming eyes and a hopeful expression.

Ye Wan Wan was a little annoyed; these people made it so obvious--were they really going to treat her like a fool who didn't know any better?

All right, with her previous intellect, she really wouldn't have known any better.

Ye Wan Wan acted blissfully unaware and walked straight to her seat.

With a glance, she realized that there was something not right about her chair. It was covered with a thick layer of colorless glue. If she hadn't looked closely, she wouldn't have seen it and would've sat right on it.

With this type of strong glue, a person stuck to the chair would have to remove their pants to get up.

Although it wouldn't cause any substantial damage, shed' be embarrassed in front of all her classmates.

Ye Wan Wan looked at the Si Xia who was sprawled on the table napping as usual and silently muttered homme fatale...

Just as she pulled out the chair, somebody suddenly rushed up to her side, pushed her aside and then quickly pulled out her chair.

The chair was dragged to the front, the sunlight illuminating it clearly so everybody could see the layer of glue on the chair clearly.

The Si Xia that was asleep was woken up by the piercing screech. His irritated gaze swept across Ye Wan Wan and Ling Dong, standing in front, and then glanced at the chair. He furrowed his brows.

Ye Wan Wan didn't notice Si Xia's reaction. Her brows were raised and she was looking at Ling Dong who'd suddenly appeared.

What's the meaning of this?

Being stared at by those black pupils, Ling Dong's originally arrogant and defiant expression suddenly froze up. He pulled her chair to his own seat and exchanged it for Ye Wan Wan's without saying a word.

That wasn't all. Under the stares of all his astonished classmates, Ling Dong reached his arm out again and removed a dead rat from Ye Wan Wan's desk drawer.

After seeing the dead rat, some timid girls shrieked in disgust.

Ling Dong threw the dead rat away expressionlessly, and then shone a light from his phone into the drawer to check that there was nothing else inside before telling Ye Wan Wan in a low and muffled voice, "Take a seat."

He didn't dare to look into Ye Wan Wan's eyes after speaking. He went back to his seat, took off his jacket, covered the glue and then simply sat on it.

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

Aside from Ye Wan Wan, the whole classroom was in total silence as everybody was confused by Ling Dong's actions.

Such absurdity so early in the morning!

This... What's the meaning of this?

Why would Ling Dong help Ye Wan Wan?

Especially Cheng Xue, whose elegant and pretty face was enraged, stared at Ling Dong in disbelief, not believing what she had just seen.

"Damn! Dong, what's going on? I thought we said that we'd teach that ugly freak a lesson today?" Ling Dong's deskmate, the cropped hair guy asked.

Ling Dong's looked slightly annoyed, "Shut up! Does it look like I have to explain my actions to you?"

"Oh..." His deskmate shut his mouth immediately.

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