Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 73: Love at first sight

Chapter 73: Love at first sight



In front of him was a girl in a pink dress with long black hair and skin as fair as snow. Looking at those eyes… brighter than the stars in the sky, brimming with reflections of light from the water. She looked as if she'd just cried, tugging on his heartstrings…

If the school beauty, Cheng Xue, was beautiful then the girl in front of him was like a fallen angel.

Ling Dong felt as if his own heart had been hit strongly. His heartbeat echoed continuously in his head, muddling his whole sense of being.

Ye Wanwan was used to seeing this stunned expression of his whenever he bumps into her, but there was something different about Ling Dong's expression this time.

Ling Dong was very shocked like he'd just seen a ghost but then, he started blushing, his gaze becoming strange and finally, he released her like he'd been electrocuted. He seemed shy and nervous as he stared at her and stuttered, "You… You're Ye Wanwan?"

Ye Wanwan raised her brows slightly and touched her own face subconsciously, as she recalled that she'd left the old house directly and was dressed well but didn't have any makeup on.

She'd definitely give her classmates a scare without any makeup on.

Since he'd already seen her, she couldn't deny it. She smiled and said, "I didn't put on any makeup today, sorry to scare you."

She turned and walked away casually after speaking.

Until Ye Wanwan had left, Ling Dong was still rooted in the same spot as if he was dreaming.

What… What's happening?

That girl prettier than Cheng Xue… Was Ye Wanwan the ugly freak?

How could that be…

Ling Dong hobbled back to the hostel like he was in a fantasy.

Upon seeing Ling Dong, three other boys from the hostel immediately greeted him.

One of them with cropped hair presented one of his precious cigarettes amiably, "Dong, you're back!"

Watching Ling Dong walking straight to his bunk and sitting down without any reaction, the guy with cropped hair stared, "Erm, Dong, are you all right? Is something wrong?"

The guy on the upper bunk of Ling Dong's bed looked at Ling Dong spaced out and was worried as well, "Dong, don't scare us!"

A topless boy in oversized pants spat and said angrily, "Damn, that Zhao Xing Zhou is a monster! For just pouring a bucket of water on him, does he have to torture you like that? Look at what he's done to our Dong!"

"It was all that ugly freak Ye Wanwan's fault! Don't be pissed, Dong. We'll teach that brat a lesson tomorrow! We'll help you and Cheng Xue get your revenge!"

The three of them talked busily about vengeance but gradually felt something was fishy with Ling Dong's dazed expression. His whole face was blushing red, from the tips of his ears to his neck and he kept muttering things like, "Impossible", "How could she be so beautiful?" and "She was simply a goddess"…

The three guys looked at each other. Ling Dong didn't look like he had been tortured by Zhao Xing Zhou to the point of being in a trance. Instead, he seemed somewhat like a… teenage boy in love…

Up until that moment, Ling Dong hadn't heard his roommates, nor had he noticed they were staring at him muttering everything about the face that made his heart beat wildly.

In a daze, he suddenly felt something in his palm.

He slowly opened to look and it looked like a small, pink, knitted flower that he'd pulled from Ye Wanwan's clothing by accident.

Looking at that little flower, Ling Dong was suddenly wide awake.

It wasn't a dream?

It's real, that girl really was Ye Wanwan!

Ye Wanwan's bare face wasn't only ugly, but instead, she was so beautiful?

Nothing makes sense!!!

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