Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 72: His true face, revealed!

Chapter 72: His true face, revealed!

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Ye Wan Wan wasn't sleepy so she sat by the lake and pondered about things.

As she was lost in thought, a pair of messy footsteps came up behind her.

A person walked over grumbling and swearing then sat down on the bench diagonally behind her.

"Damn you, Zhao Xing Zhou! You beast! I'm going to the education bureau to report you for abusing a student! Psycho!"

The little lake was very silent at night so Ye Wan Wan heard all of the boy's curses.

Hearing this voice and these curses, the person speaking seemed to be the Ling Dong who planted the water bucket on the classroom door to prank her, the godbrother of Cheng Xue.

Seems like he was being tortured by Zhao Xing Zhou!

Zhao Xing Zhou really didn't disappoint--he didn't let him off even on the weekend.

Ye Wan Wan was sitting under the shade of a big tree so Ling Dong couldn't see her at all. However, Ye Wan Wan could see Ling Dong's withered face very clearly under the moonlight; he had two huge dark eye circles, a can of beer in his hand and a messy stack of math exam papers that he was stepping on, leaving black footprints all over them.

"Ye Wan Wan, the ugly freak! She's made me so miserable! Just wait and see! If I don't kill you, my last name isn't Ling!" Ling Dong crushed the can of beer, his forehead full of gloom.

Hearing her own name, the corners of Ye Wan Wan's mouth twitched.

How is this my problem?

Just because they wanted to prank me, I had to go along with it obediently?

This Ling Dong was the school's little bully, renowned for being overbearing and unreasonable. As his father was the school's director, those bullied by him could only swallow their hurt and even the teachers turned a blind eye and didn't dare to discipline him.

It was just his luck to bump into a stubborn teacher like Zhao Xing Zhou this time. If it had been anybody else, he'd be let off with just a scolding.

If she was targeted by Zhao Xing Zhou, her days in school wouldn't be easy...

"Oh, ugly freak, you dared to trick even me. You want to play games with me? I'll face you to the death, let's see if you'll still be so arrogant then..."

Ling Dong kept calling her an ugly freak and continued his drunken ramblings. When she heard the end of it, Ye Wan Wan couldn't hold it in any longer so she coughed lightly and said, "Ling Dong, you seem to have set your own trap and gotten trampled by Zhao Xing Zhou. How is it my fault at all?"

"Ah——" At hearing this voice beside him without warning, Ling Dong was so frightened that he fell off the bench. It took him a long time before he climbed back up. With a shaking voice, he said, "Damn! You... Are you a human or a ghost?!"

Ye Wan Wan was a bit speechless, "Just act as if you saw a ghost!"

"You... You're Ye Wan Wan?" Ling Dong couldn't see the person opposite clearly but as he recognized her voice, his expression turned ugly.

Not wondering why was Ye Wan Wan out so late, the boy immediately spoke with a sullen tone, "Ugly freak! How dare you speak! If it wasn't for you taking your time to get into the classroom the other day, I wouldn't be this miserable! I'm telling you, you're dead! As long as I'm in Qing He, don't hope of ever having a good day! I'll give you a taste of death!"

Ye Wan Wan rubbed her forehead, forget it, there was no reasoning with these kids.

Watching Ye Wan Wan stand up to leave, Ling Dong wasn't satisfied. He picked up the can of beer, staggered to catch up and grabbed Ye Wan Wan's arm, "Ugly freak, I didn't say you could leave! Stay right..."

Before he could finish, Ling Dong opened his eyes wide suddenly and stared at that unbelievably beautiful little face under the moonlight, immediately dumbstruck...

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