Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 71: At least comfort her a little

Chapter 71: At least comfort her a little

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Probably because she'd kept it in for so long, the built-up negative feelings from her previous and current life exploded at that moment. Ye Wan Wan's tears couldn't stop flowing, and even after crying for more than half an hour, there were no signs of stopping.

Si Ye Han embraced the girl from start till end without speaking a single word or movement.

Xu Yi chased after Si Ye Han after noticing he was gone and stood by the door at this moment.

Watching how badly Ye Wan Wan was crying, he felt a bit guilty as well.

They'd really misunderstood her this time, after all. It went without explanation that she must've been frightened by the master just now. She did everything out of goodwill and yet, was misunderstood. How could she not be sad?

The good thing was that the truth was sorted out.

But master, she's crying so badly, shouldn't you at least comfort her a little? Just standing there like an ice sculpture is scary alright?

For his master, he'd probably reached his limit already; he couldn't really imagine his master comforting the girl.

An indefinite amount of time had passed before the man finally loosened his embrace of the girl. His face regained a cold expression and he said in a calm manner, "Xu Yi, take her back to school."

After speaking, he turned and left without a second glance.

After Xu Yi heard that, he was initially stunned and looked at the back of his master leaving and somehow felt that he looked a bit grim.

Xu Yi sighed softly, looked at the girl on the bed who was still sobbing and tried his best to speak softly, " Ms Ye, don't cry anymore, don't worry. The misunderstanding has been cleared and master won't bother you. See, he allowed me to take you back to school!"


After half an hour, Ye Wan Wan reached the school gate.

"Ms Ye, we're here." Xu Yi stopped the car and went to the back to help her with the door.

Ye Wan Wan carried her school bag and got off, looking stone-faced. Her little face was still tear-stained.

Xu Yi looked at the girl in front of him, opening his mouth as if to say something but ended up keeping silent.

As the black car slowly left her sight and disappeared into the night, Ye Wan Wan's empty and numb eyes regained focus. She stood rooted at the same spot for quite some time before slowly walking towards the school.

She didn't return to the dormitory immediately but sat on a long bench by the school's little lake.

The cool night wind cut across the surface of the lake and blew against her face, reviving her senses.

Not long ago, her past had almost been replayed out but now, she regained her freedom once again.

At first, she merely wanted to beat him at his own game. However, even if everything went according to plan, the fear of Si Ye Han was real and so was the pain she felt previously.

Not only this time but the accumulated pain and resentment from both lives.

After this episode, she was all burnt out but after venting, she also felt much better.

Fortunately, it was ultimately a near miss and she successfully changed her original course of life, making it through the crisis this time.

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