Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 70: How could she not be disgusted?

Chapter 70: How could she not be disgusted?

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Si Ye Han looked at the things on the floor, at the notebook, at the girl's carefully written notes with such careful strokes and it was as if someone had stabbed his chest.

After packing up the items on the ground carefully, the man stood up and walked towards the girl stiffly.

At this moment, the girl was hugging her knees and her head was buried deep. Her cautious and repulsed position isolated herself in her own small world.

On the side of her curved neck, there were visible bruises, a ghastly sight.

Si Ye Han reached out his hand like he wanted to touch the girl's shoulders.

However, as he moved slightly closer, the girl's body started trembling even more.

The man pressed his thin lips together, his outstretched hand in midair. After a long while, he decided to retract his hand and slowly took a step back. His eyes didn't leave the girl's body and images in his head kept flashing by...

She had told him that she'd thought things through and wanted to try to date him normally. She said she'd work hard to become a sweet melon.

She was willing to meet grandma, dressed up demurely on purpose, picked gifts seriously and made the old lady so happy.

She knew that he had insomnia, probably asked grandma about it, then specifically went to the hospital to speak to a specialist and found an experienced old doctor to explain his illness, made notes, bought medication...

But in the end, what did she get...

It was his violent rage without rhyme or reason, unreasonable tongue-lashing, and indiscriminate hurt...

She was afraid of him, disgusted with him...

How could she not be afraid?

How could she not be disgusted?

The man's gaze was pitch-black, the chill from his body terrifying, the whole place filled with a suffocating oppression.

The girl curled up on the bed noticed the terrifying surroundings and lifted the little head that was buried between her knees while her whole body trembled. The pair of eyes that looked at him were full of fear and helplessness. She murmured, "Sor... Sorry... Sorry... I was wrong... I've learned my lesson... I've learned from it..."

Looking at the girl's alarmed and panicky expression and hearing the girl admitting her mistake, Si Ye Han's expression darkened even more. It was like a giant metal clasp was gripping his heart tightly.

After some time, the man clenched his fist and walked to the girl again. Under the extremely fearful gaze of the girl, he carefully and slowly embraced her in his arms.

The girl seemed to come to her senses. She sobbed too much to even speak properly, "I didn't... didn't lie to you... didn't betray you... I went... Went to find a doctor... You couldn't sleep..."

Si Ye Han hugged the girl tighter, "Mm."

The moment he spoke that single word, the tears which the girl had been holding back for so long rolled down in big, hot droplets, soaking his chest.

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