Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 69: It was all a misunderstanding

Chapter 69: It was all a misunderstanding

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At that point, Xu Yi's expression looked somewhat complexed, "That old Chinese doctor is very famous--he's the most skilled at treating insomnia and you consulted him at the beginning as well... I've transferred the surveillance footage of Ms Ye's visit... Take a look yourself..."

Xu Yi opened the surveillance footage on his phone.

Ye Wan Wan was carrying her schoolbag and sat in front of the old Chinese doctor with a solemn face.

"Little miss, where do you feel unwell?" The old Chinese doctor asked.

"Doctor, I'm not the one feeling unwell; I'm here on behalf of someone else!" Ye Wan Wan answered.

"You silly little girl, how could you visit a doctor on someone else's behalf?" The old Chinese doctor furrowed his brows.

Ye Wan Wan hurriedly explained, "Doc, hear me out. My boyfriend has a serious case of insomnia; he's seen many doctors and tried many methods but none have worked. Doctor, you're so famous and he definitely came to seek treatment from you before. I'm just here to find out more about insomnia and understand how he feels."

The old Chinese doctor was a little surprised by what she said and also looked somewhat moved, "You, silly little girl, are quite thoughtful. There aren't many patients' families that are as caring as you! All right, I'll tell you!"

"Thank you, doctor!" The girl revealed an extremely joyful smile, pulled out a notebook and pen, and took down notes seriously.

Seeing that she was so earnest, the old doctor explained a lot of information in detail.

The girl's expression was sincere the whole time and asked very specific questions from time to time, "My grandma told me that long-term insomnia would affect a person's temperament, is that right?"

The old Chinese doctor nodded, "If it's serious, it wouldn't only harm the body but in the long run, it would also greatly impact a person's character and mental health. This is something they're unable to control and as a family member, you should try to be more understanding, caring and patient towards them!"

"Mhm, I definitely will. I used to aggravate him in the past..." the girl looked very guilty, "Previously, to study for my exams, I slept for only 3 to 4 hours a day continuously for a week. That feeling of being sleep deprived was really horrible! Doctor, tell me more and teach me how to help him so that he'll feel better!"


The 10-minute long footage ended and the room resumed its deathly stillness.

The girl's caring words, however, seemed to ring in his ears.

Xu Yi's heart was full of mixed feelings; he couldn't express how he felt, "9th master, we... seemed to have misunderstood Ms Ye..."

This deathly stillness went on for an indefinite amount of time when suddenly, an ear-piercing screech of a chair rubbing against the floor resounded.

When Xu Yi regained his senses, the man in front of the desk was already gone.

Bedroom on the second floor:

"Bang——", the door was forcefully pushed open by someone.

The dusky room was cold and quiet.

The girl had remained in the same position he'd left her in before. She had her body curled in fetal position and hadn't moved at all. When she heard the door open, her petite frame started shaking violently.

Si Ye Han stood at the same spot, fingers in a tight fist, feet rooted to the ground.

His gaze slowly landed on the black plastic bag at the side of the bed and the contents of the bag sprawled all over the floor.

He slowly walked towards the bag, bent over and picked everything up.

A few parcels of Chinese herbal medicine, an outpatient record sheet, a pink notebook...

Sprawled across the page, were the girl's crammed handwritten notes...

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