Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 68: You're out of chances!

Chapter 68: You're out of chances!

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Ye Wan Wan was locked up after arriving at Jin garden.

"Click", the sound of the lock made her heart jump and she subconsciously tightened her grip around the plastic bag containing the meds she'd obtained from the hospital.

Barely two weeks had gone by and she was back here again.

Even if everything was under control, being trapped in this familiar and luxurious bedroom led to the fear penetrating her soul to annihilate her body rapidly.

She had been trapped here for seven years with an extreme fear of darkness and silence. But eventually, she'd gotten so used to the darkness and dead silence that she started to fear the light and people instead.

The scariest thing was not being imprisoned but that even if freedom was given to her one day, she wouldn't be able to escape from the cage around her heart.

Even though she was reborn and returned to life before the tragedy began, she still couldn't escape the memories and shadows from her previous life.

Outside, the sound of familiar footsteps came closer and closer, step by step. In such a quiet space, it was unusually clear and terrifying.

Creak--the door was pushed open.

Looking at the terrible and frightening ghostly figures at the door, Ye Wan Wan's pupils suddenly contracted.

For a moment, the scene in front of her and the memories of her previous life merged completely...

The frightened expression of the girl was like a poison that could corrode a person's heart. All of Si Ye Han's senses and restraints turned into ashes in a flash.

In the next second, Ye Wan Wan was thrown onto the bed by an enormous force and the bag that was in her tight grip landed on the floor with a crash.

Just as she was about to speak, her throat got choked--it was getting more and more challenging to breathe and life was slowly draining away from her body.

When she finally regained her breath, she bit down on her tongue hard and her mouth rapidly filled with the taste of blood...

"Wan Wan, I've said it before... This was the last time... Now, you've run out of chances..."

Following this, the man's footsteps got further and further away gradually and the sound of the lock clanged again.

Once she had been relieved of his presence, Ye Wan Wan immediately coughed violently. The fear in her eyes was no longer there, leaving a cold and dim light behind.

The study was in total disorder.

The big space was frozen, cold and piercing to the bone.

The man sat in front of the desk like a weathered sculpture, the violence and sadism eroding the last remnants of humanity on his forehead.

In the dead silence, there came a hasty knock on the door suddenly.

"Get lost——"

The furious voice stopped the knock on the door.

But soon after, the knocks on the door resumed with urgency.

As there was no response, the person knocking directly pushed the door open and entered.

The situation in the house was more frightening than he'd imagined. At the sight of the monstrous face and scarlet, beast-like eyes, Xu Yi was so scared that he turned pale.

However, the issue was so pressing that he had to let the master know!

Xu Yi forced himself to stay calm and used all the energy he had to find his voice and said quickly, "9th master, I've checked it myself. Ms Ye indeed went to the hospital midway and didn't go to school."

Clearly sensing the drastic drop in temperature, Xu Yi's body was soaked in sweat, "But the surveillance camera shows that Ms Ye didn't go to the emergency room after reaching the hospital but was at the outpatient department registering to see an old Chinese specialist..."

As if afraid that Si Ye Han hadn't grasped the main point, Xu Yi specifically added, "From beginning to end, Ms Ye didn't visit Gu Yue Ze!"

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