Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 67: Here comes the wolf

Chapter 67: Here comes the wolf

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Hearing Ye Wan Wan change the destination all of a sudden, the driver jerked the steering wheel in the opposite direction and headed in the direction of Ren Ai hospital.

"Miss, why do you want to go to the hospital suddenly? Are you feeling unwell?" The driver was a little worried so he asked.

"No, it's my boyfriend, he's always having insomnia. I heard that there's a famous senior doctor at Ren Ai hospital and he's really good at treating patients with insomnia so I'm going there to find out more."

"I see, your boyfriend is a lucky man!" The driver praised.

Ye Wan Wan smiled, said nothing and stared out of the window blankly.

Shortly after, the car reached the entrance of Ren Ai hospital.

Ye Wan Wan looked like her original self--she was wearing a pink dress and conspicuously stood there looking very beautiful.

The Shen Meng Qi hiding in the dark saw her almost immediately.

Seeing how attractive Ye Wan Wan was, a shred of jealousy flashed in Shen Meng Qi's eyes. But seeing that she came obediently as expected, her face filled with disdain and mockery.

So what if you're pretty, you're so dumb you actually got fooled by me.

Shen Meng Qi relaxed only when she saw with her own eyes that Ye Wan Wan had walked into Ren Ai hospital. She took out her phone and texted Si Ye Han: [Mr. Si, I was wondering if Wan Wan is there with you right now? I was feeling sick earlier so I went to the hospital and I happened to see someone that looked like Wan Wan. I'm not sure whether it was her and couldn't get through to her phone either. I'm a little worried, has she fallen ill?]

She obviously wasn't so dumb as to purposely drive a wedge between them--she just wanted Si Ye Han to find out for himself.

Although she didn't want to admit it, Si Ye Han cared deeply for Ye Wan Wan and if he knew that Ye Wan Wan was ill, he'd definitely come down to the hospital.

When that time came, he'd come with a heart full of worries but see Ye Wan Wan making out with Gu Yue Ze tenderly instead. That would be an interesting spectacle for sure...

After she sent the text, Shen Meng Qi left the hospital with confidence.

He he, Ye Wan Wan, that idiot, still treating me like her best friend. That idiot will never find out it was me even on her deathbed.

On the contrary, Shen Meng Qi would never have imagined that from the window of the hospital's second floor, Ye Wan Wan had witnessed everything, from her hiding behind the corner and secretly sending a text, to leaving with a delighted expression.

Ye Wan Wan stood by the window and curled her lips slowly. Of course, she had to make a trip to the hospital and show her face so that Shen Meng Qi would play her tricks and continue stirring up trouble between her and Si Ye Han.

Everybody knew about the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. There was nothing to fear the first and second time, but what about the third and fourth time?

If Shen Meng Qi kept failing in her plans to sow discord between them, even if she told the truth the next time, Si Ye Han would no longer believe her.

And that's exactly what she wanted.

At this moment, in the little garden at the old house:

The moment Ye Wan Wan left, Si Ye Han remained rooted at the same spot without moving.

That is, until the phone on the table rang, indicating a text message from Shen Meng Qi.

The ringtone of this text message was like the sound of death in Xu Yi's ears.

Si Ye Han scanned through the contents of the message, cold and without a trace of warmth. His expression didn't change throughout; it was like that pair of black hole-like eyes had swallowed all his emotions.

Xu Yi peeked and saw that it was a message from Shen Meng Qi. He then looked at Si Ye Han's reaction again and could guess what it was about.

The frightening silence lasted for a long time before Si Ye Han picked his phone up and made a call, asking, "Where are you."

Xu Yi saw that Si Ye Han had used speed dial and knew that he had called Ye Wan Wan. His expression became grey with defeat instantly.

This time, no matter if Ye Wan Wan was lying or telling the truth, there was no way of coming back from this...

Then, he heard Ye Wan Wan on the receiver replying, "I had some issues so I went to Ren Ai hospital midway because I..."

Before she could finish, his cold voice interrupted her, "Go to Jin garden, now."

After finishing the call, Si Ye Han shot Xu Yi an icy look, "Go check."

Xu Yi was stunned and then nodded his head hurriedly.

If things have progressed to this stage, Ye Wan Wan knows that she can't hide it anymore and has confessed but master doesn't believe her and wants to continue investigating...

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