Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 66: The calm before the storm

Chapter 66: The calm before the storm

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When Ye Wan Wan said that she'd go back herself, Si Ye Han's black hole pupils turned dimmer and the invisible waves beneath his pupils seemed to be gushing out, but in a fleeting moment they were back to normal, as if it was an illusion.

Ye Wan Wan took his silence as consent, so she walked up to him innocently and gave him a peck on the cheek, "Off I go then! I'll say bye to grandma first!"

She walked joyfully towards the house.

Immediately after Ye Wan Wan left, a terrifying chill and rage erupted. The silent and calm little garden quickly transformed into a hell with dark winds blowing and a palpable feeling of murderous intentions.

At that moment, Xu Yi's heart had turned into ashes.

He kept praying and praying that Ye Wan Wan wouldn't do anything stupid. But then, he witnessed her running wildly on the road to death...

This foolish woman still wanted to go to Gu Yue Ze. She even thought that master wouldn't find out, treating him like an idiot!

Xu Yi's forehead dripped cold sweat as he stuttered, "9th... 9th master... should we stop her..."

Si Ye Han drew his gaze back from the girl and shut his eyes slowly. The terrifying atmosphere was dispelled the moment his eyes shut.

There was a dead silence in the area.

Without Si Ye Han's orders, Xu Yi didn't dare make a move.

At the same time, in the living room:

The old madam was filled with dread when she found out that Ye Wan Wan was leaving. She really liked this girl and had seen a great transformation in her grandson these two days. Naturally, this made her even more satisfied with Ye Wan Wan.

"Wan Wan, I know Little 9th likes to be alone and has a bad temper but actually, he doesn't want to be this way either. You should also know that Little 9th has trouble sleeping. Think about it, because he gets such little sleep, imagine how horrible he feels--it definitely impacts his temperament as well.

But after Little 9th started dating you, I've noticed that his temperament has become gentler.

Wan Wan, grandma is truly thankful for you. Thank you for your patience and accommodating Little 9th. In the future, if that brat is ruthless and bullies you, let grandma know anytime and grandma will definitely be on your side!"

"Thank you, grandma!"

Hearing the old lady pouring her heart out to her, Ye Wan Wan felt very emotional.

No matter how respectable and honourable this legendary figure was, in this moment she was just an ordinary grandma.

It was a pity that the old lady thought that she and Si Ye Han were a loving couple. Little did she know that her relationship with Si Ye Han was akin to a bubble--easily burst with a single touch.

Ye Wan Wan insisted that she didn't want to trouble anyone with her departure. In the end, she called herself a car and left.

In the old lady's eyes, Ye Wan Wan's actions were considerate but in Xu Yi's eyes, it looked like she was shaking them off and eagerly rushing to the hospital to meet Gu Yue Ze.

In the past, Si Ye Han would never have allowed her to go back to school by herself. But this time, he completely gave in.

But the more lenient Si Ye Han was, the more Xu Yi was afraid.

The Si Ye Han now was like the calm before the storm.

If master ordered him to capture her back and tie her up now, that was better than what would happen if he caught her red-handed...

This time... I'm afraid Ye Wan Wan's done for!

To be frank, he had really enjoyed these few peaceful days, but unfortunately, they were merely an illusion.

On the other side, Ye Wan Wan was already quite a distance away in her car.

When they reached a fork in the road, Ye Wan Wan suddenly said, "Sir, don't take me to Qing He high school anymore, head to Ren Ai hospital instead!"

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