Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 65: Let's have some fun...

Chapter 65: Let's have some fun...

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Ye Wan Wan wasn't worried at all. She allowed the phone to ring once more before slowly picking up, "Hello?"

"Wan Wan! What took you so long to answer? Where are you? In school? Wherever you are, hurry come down to Ren Ai hospital! Mr Gu is in trouble!" Shen Meng Qi's frantic voice came through the receiver.

Sure enough, this call from Shen Meng Qi was as she'd expected.

Ye Wan Wan gently stroked the rose next to her cheek, pretended to be surprised and raised her brows, "In trouble?"

"Yes, I just received the news that Mr Gu was in a car accident and was hurt pretty badly. He's currently in the emergency room and the doctor said his life might be in danger! If you don't want to regret this day your whole life, then head over there now!" Shen Meng Qi's tone was steadfast, as if she was sure that after hearing this news, Wan Wan would definitely disregard everything and rush over.

Ye Wan Wan seemed to have suddenly turned cold towards Gu Yue Ze and this made Shen Meng Qi very uneasy. Now, this was simply a heaven-sent opportunity to revive those feelings in Ye Wan Wan.

In the past, she'd make a big fuss even if Gu Yue Ze hurt his hand lightly. She didn't believe that Ye Wan Wan could act cold-hearted this time.

Afraid that Ye Wan Wan wasn't hooked, Shen Meng Qi added some more bait, "Wan Wan, Mr Gu's car accident was a bit weird. The car crashed straight into him in broad daylight, as if on purpose. Could it be that Mr Gu offended someone? Who'd be so daring to hurt the Gu's family young master?"

She was obviously hinting that Si Ye Han was involved in Gu Yue Ze's car accident.

If she could worsen the relationship between Ye Wan Wan and Si Ye Han at the same time, that'd be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Ye Wan Wan sneered in her heart after hearing this. Although some things had changed, Shen Meng Qi's tactics hadn't. Her fight with Si Ye Han in her previous life was all because of those words Shen Meng Qi had just said to sow discord between them.

In actuality, Gu Yue Ze's car accident was simply a fluke.

Even though it was cleared up in the end, Shen Meng Qi only made subtle hints and didn't specifically blame Si Ye Han. Also, in the past, she'd never suspect that Shen Meng Qi would say all those things to cause trouble and would instead believe that Si Ye Han was indeed linked to Gu Yue Ze's accident.

Shen Meng Qi rambled on for almost half a day and after it all, Ye Wan Wan leisurely replied with two words, "Got it."

She hung up.

After she hung up, Ye Wan Wan smiled dryly and stared at her phone.

Right now, Shen Meng Qi must be hiding behind the hospital door, waiting to catch her in the act of cheating and then plotting to send proof to Si Ye Han, allowing him to catch the traitor. This was her plan.

Tsk, since Shen Meng Qi's trying to mess with me, why not join her at her own game... and have some fun together...

After finishing up with the call, Ye Wan Wan went back to the courtyard.

After packing up her textbooks, Ye Wan Wan looked at Si Ye Han gleefully and said, "Darling, it's getting late, I still have to go to class tomorrow. I'm going to head back to school!"

Despite seeing Ye Wan Wan returning from a call and requesting to leave immediately afterwards, Si Ye Han didn't show any change in his expression. He looked at her glumly, that pitiless pair of eyes like scary black holes with the ability to swallow up the light.

"Go back to school?" He asked plainly.

The Ye Wan Wan from the past probably wouldn't have been able to detect the difference in Si Ye Han, but right now, Ye Wan Wan felt something was wrong with Si Ye Han's attitude.

Si Ye Han most likely knew about everything and thought that she wanted to go to the hospital to see Gu Yue Ze.

However, she acted like she didn't notice any difference. She carried her schoolbag and said naturally, "Yup yup, you're busy with your work so don't bother seeing me off. I'll go back by myself!"

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