Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 64: Her cover would be blown!

Chapter 64: Her cover would be blown!

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Mo Xuan looked at Ye Wan Wan, "Since 9th master is asleep, I'll get going."

Ye Wan Wan didn't notice any difference in Mo Xuan, so she nodded and replied, "All right."

After Mo Xuan left, Ye Wan Wan continued to accompany Si Ye Han for half an hour before confirming that he was indeed asleep and then returned to her own room.

The next day.

Under the pergola in the courtyard, Si Ye Han did his work while Ye Wan Wan worked on her homework next to him. The two of them were concentrated on their own tasks, looking warm and harmonious.

Probably due to a good night's sleep, Si Ye Han was in a good mood the entire day. He didn't throw a fit even when a servant accidentally spilt water over his papers. He merely frowned and waved the servant away, then instructed Xu Yi to retype the document.

That servant stumbled off like he was in a dream.

Xu Yi brought the re-typed document carefully over to Si Ye Han, then continued standing by his side in silence.

These 2 days, Xu Yi's thoughts were somewhat complicated. Ye Wan Wan had been so obedient which made him question whether she had been possessed.

Even the old madam was very pleased with her and the things he feared didn't happen.

Maybe I'm really overthinking things?

At that moment, a phone rang.

Xu Yi looked at the table instinctively and saw that the ringing came from Ye Wan Wan's phone. On the display was... Shen Meng Qi's name.

Seeing this name, an ominous foreboding rose in Xu Yi's heart...

Ye Wan Wan finished all her homework very quickly and while she was contemplating tackling math, an incoming call interrupted her.

Seeing the name on the display, Ye Wan Wan's eyes glistened.

Shen Meng Qi...

If she remembered correctly, Shen Meng Qi of the past had called her at this time precisely to inform her that Gu Yue Ze had gotten in a car accident.

However this time, Shen Meng Qi didn't know that she was at the old house yet still, she called...

This was understandable since she could change the series of events at the old house but couldn't prevent Gu Yue Ze from getting in a car accident.

With such a good opportunity to cause trouble, Shen Meng Qi naturally didn't pass it up, so she called her just like she had in her previous life.

"Let me go take a call!" Ye Wan Wan informed Si Ye Han, then walked towards some faraway shade in the trees.

Si Ye Han glanced at Ye Wan Wan's back, his gaze gloomy.

A few seconds after Ye Wan Wan walked away, Xu Yi's phone rang as well.

Disbelieving what the person was saying over the phone, Xu Yi's face turned white like it was the end of the world.

After a long while, Xu Yi hung up and looked at Si Ye Han in a state of distress, and he seemed to be hesitant about what he wanted to say.

Si Ye Han was aware of Xu Yi's strange behaviour, so he threw him a harsh look, "Speak."

Xu Yi's body shook as he said, "I... Just... Just received the news that Gu Yue Ze was in a car accident. It seems pretty serious and he's currently getting emergency treatment at the hospital..."

At this point, Xu Yi didn't dare continue talking.

What he had been worried about had finally happened and it was even more serious than what he'd imagined!

The call Ye Wan Wan picked up just now was probably Shen Meng Qi telling her the same.

Gu Yue Ze had been hurt so badly--how could Ye Wan Wan resist going to see him? Maybe once she heard this news, her cover would be blown!

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