Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 63: You're amazing!

Chapter 63: You're amazing!

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If Ye Wan Wan's room was comparable to a fantasy idol drama, then Si Ye Han's room was akin to a scene from a thriller, just like his dark bedroom in the Jin garden.

When Ye Wan Wan went over, there was already someone waiting inside.

It was Si Ye Han's private doctor, Mo Xuan.

Seeing the two of them enter, Mo Xuan stood up, "9th master, Ms Ye."

Si Ye Han seemed to be accustomed to Mo Xuan appearing in his bedroom at this hour, so he walked to his bed expressionless.

Ye Wan Wan followed behind Si Ye Han, her footsteps slightly hesitant, "Am I disturbing you guys by being here?"

She knew that nobody was allowed to interrupt while Si Ye Han was being hypnotized.

Mo Xuan looked at Ye Wan Wan. Theoretically, she would be a disturbance. Hypnotism needs to take place in a completely enclosed space with no outsiders.

However, considering their speculations that night and also, since Ye Wan Wan was Si Ye Han's personal guest, he didn't dare to chase her away so he said, "Let's try this out first."

"Oh," Ye Wan Wan nodded.

Si Ye Han laid in bed and saw her standing some distance away. He then furrowed his brows.

Ye Wan Wan was a little confused. Si Ye Han asked her to accompany him but she didn't really understand what he meant by "accompany". Furthermore, with Mo Xuan still around, she was embarrassed to just lie on the bed next to him.

"Come over." While Ye Wan Wan was still hesitant, the great devil's patience had run out.

Aware of the danger in the atmosphere, Ye Wan Wan scurried over at once and sat down on the edge of the bed.

In the next second, he stretched his long arms to scoop her body up, grabbed her waist and laid his head on her tummy.

Ye Wan Wan leaned on the side of the bed. With her body used as a pillow, she didn't dare to move an inch.

Mo Xuan was busy getting ready to perform the hypnotism and was slightly surprised at Ye Wan Wan's change in attitude.

In the past, Ye Wan Wan viewed Si Ye Han as scary but she was still very strong-willed and refused to give in.

But hopefully, this woman has really figured things out and doesn't hold any ill intentions, otherwise, the person who'll suffer will be herself.

From a bystander's point of view, he knew it was wrong of Si Ye Han to disregard the girl's wishes and force her to be by his side. But talking rationally about right and wrong with this emotionless person who crawled out from hell? That was senseless.

After a moment, everything was finally ready.

Mo Xuan walked over to the edge of the bed, "9th master, we may begin."

The Si Ye Han on the bed didn't respond.

"9th master?" Mo Xuan called out again.

Si Ye Han still didn't respond.

Finally, Ye Wan Wan saw that Si Ye Han was sleeping soundly with his eyes closed. She began, "9th master seems to be asleep already. Dr Mo, you're amazing!"


Mo Xuan was quiet for a long while and his face surveyed the scene once, like a merry-go-round, completely speechless.

What's so amazing? I didn't even do a single thing!

Mo Xuan saw for himself that he wasn't just asleep but was sleeping very peacefully. He wasn't even disturbed by the people talking next to him. Mo Xuan had mixed feelings.

Could it be that the times when Si Ye Han fell asleep naturally were truly because of this woman?

Then why didn't I realise it before?

Also, Ye Wan Wan didn't do anything to cause it, right?

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