Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 62: Aren't you going to keep Your Majesty company?

Chapter 62: Aren't you going to keep Your Majesty company?

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This... What's with this whiny tone!?

The warm breath coming from the crook of her neck and that languid, sleepy voice by her ear left Ye Wan Wan dumbstruck.

Is Si Ye Han actually spoiled?

Maybe it was because of the shock or the irresistible way Si Ye Han was acting that led Ye Wan Wan to nod her head subconsciously.

When she had realised what happened, Si Ye Han had already gotten up and was walking back.

After they got back, servants immediately welcomed them warmly, "9th master, Ms Ye! Old madam specially instructed us to prepare a room for Ms Ye, would Ms Ye like to rest now? Let me show you your room!"

She had no choice as she was captivated by his charm and had already promised Si Ye Han that she'd accompany him. Ye Wan Wan looked at Si Ye Han and said, "I'll drop my things off first and take a bath. I'll catch you later."

The still sleep-deprived Si Ye Han wasn't in a pleasant mood, but he agreed, "Mhm."

Thus, Ye Wan Wan followed the maid and entered the room on the second floor facing the south.

"Ms Ye, please enter, this is the room," the maid pushed the door open.

Once the door was open, all she could see was that the whole room had a pink theme; pink bedsheets and quilt, pink curtains and carpet. Even the headboard was in the shape of a little crown and overhead was a dreamy canopy--it was simply dreamlike and girly.

Her misunderstanding of the old madam had been quite deep in her previous life; she had felt that she was the devil but actually, the old madam really viewed her as her future granddaughter-in-law. Otherwise, she wouldn't have prepared a room for her and put in so much effort simply because she and Si Ye Han were dating. You could even say that she treated her like her own granddaughter.

But in her previous life, she was a troublemaker and criticized every single thing.

"Miss, are you satisfied with this room? If there's anything you don't like, we can change it immediately," the maid said, with fear and hesitation.

Ye Wan Wan regained her composure after her initial surprise, "No need for the trouble, I like this room a lot. Please thank grandma for me!"

The maid heaved a sigh of relief, "Then Ms Ye, do have a restful night. If you need anything, you can reach me by pressing the bell at any time."

"All right, thank you," Ye Wan Wan nodded.

Clothes and all other amenities were available in the room.

Ye Wan Wan picked a cute, baby pink nightgown from the closet and then headed to the bathroom to shower.

Girls tend to take longer in the shower and when she was done, half an hour had already past.

Ye Wan Wan dried her hair while opening the bathroom door and immediately saw Si Ye Han sitting on that extremely dreamlike and girly princess bed. She was unsure how long he'd been waiting.

Ye Wan Wan was stupefied for a moment and then quickly said, "Let me blowdry my hair and apply my cream, I'll be done really soon..."

Seeing that Si Ye Han didn't reply, Ye Wan Wan sat down in front of the dresser and started drying her hair.

In the meantime, Si Ye Han was silently sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for her. Watching her dry her hair, splash water on her face; apply facial essences, eye cream, and cleansing cream... His gaze didn't leave her for a second.

Ye Wan Wan peeped at the man from the mirror. His face looked slightly annoyed.

She strangely felt that Si Ye Han's face was plastered with these words written on them: Why are you still not coming over to accompany Your Majesty ...

Ye Wan Wan sped up, wiped her face hastily and put everything away, "I'm done, let's go!"

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