Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 61: A piece of starlight

Chapter 61: A piece of starlight

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At the moment, Ye Wan Wan didn't know about the speculations of old madam and Mo Xun, only that Si Ye Han's illness wasn't as serious as 7 years in the future.

The man in deep sleep looked harmless and didn't have that usual fearful aura around him which allowed her to relax a bit.

While Si Ye Han slept, Ye Wan Wan looked through some entertainment news and the latest gossip on her phone.

The hottest stars in the entertainment circle changed rapidly, switching out new sets of people every few months, not to mention 7 years later.

Other than evildoers like Xie Zhe Zhi who became famous instantly, most people who were big stars 7 years in the future weren't famous yet and some of them haven't even entered the industry.

Currently, the Ye Group had a number of theatre chains, film production companies, and even a stake in the media. Below them, Emperor Entertainment was the industry's most senior media agency, which represented the big shots. Now or seven years in the future, famous celebrity kings and queens signed with Emperor Entertainment.

It could be said that Ye Group controlled half of the entertainment circle, holding countless artists' livelihoods in their hands and deciding their fates.

Whether you made it or not depended on whether this company wanted to support you.

From her memory, in the upcoming few years, the Shen family would grow rapidly, going from being a small company to occupying an important place in the entertainment industry and even catching up to the Ye family.

In this life, I'll never let these people succeed!

However, before she could act on anything, she needed Si Ye Han's total trust and a certain degree of freedom.

She had to make the most of every second to arm herself with the relevant knowledge.

She had to take back everything she'd lost, crush Ye Group and return to the top of the entertainment circle!

With these thoughts, it was like the fog shielding her ignorance and hesitation had been scattered, and Ye Wan Wan was filled with motivation instantly.

When Si Ye Han opened his eyes, what he saw was the girl's bright sparkling face and a pair of black eyes. It was as if she was the Milky Way with thousands of twinkling stars--she was incredibly beautiful.

His slender fingers couldn't help stroking that piece of starlight...

Ye Wan Wan was too busy scheming and suddenly felt something scratching at her eyelids. It was then she found out that Si Ye Han was awake and she lifted her head, "You're awake!"

"What were you doing?" As he'd just woken up, his voice was a little raspy.

"Seeing that you fell asleep, I didn't want to interrupt you so I was just browsing on my phone. Are you tired? Do you want to go back to the house to sleep? You'll get a cold if you sleep out here." Ye Wan Wan asked.

Hearing the girl's concern for him, his expression looked slightly startled. He wrapped both of them up in the blanket and like a big cat, he tucked his head into her neck, "Wanna keep me company?"

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