Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 60: Wan Wan: a sleeping potion?

Chapter 60: Wan Wan: a sleeping potion?

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The old madam looked in the direction of her grandson and said in a low voice, "That, I'm not sure. After dinner, I asked Little 9th to bring Wan Wan to walk around in the courtyard. Seeing that they had been gone for so long, I went to find these two children and then I saw Little 9th leaning against Wan Wan, asleep.

It was rare to see Little 9th asleep so I requested Wan Wan not to wake him up and let him sleep for a little longer."

Mo Xun wrinkled his forehead, "How could this be? I've been with the 9th master for so long and he's never fallen asleep naturally--this is the first time!"

If this wasn't the case, I wouldn't have had such headaches over him all this time!

At that moment, Xu Yi seemed to recall something. His eyes glistened and he said hurriedly, "No... actually, this isn't the first time!"

"Not the first time? What do you mean?" Mo Xun and the old lady looked at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi recalled and replied, "I remember that one night, 9th master also fell asleep under similar conditions."

"What kind of conditions, could you be more specific?" Mo Xun pressed on.

Xu Yi omitted the part where Ye Wan Wan escaped and caused Si Ye Han to have consecutive sleepless nights and explained simply, "That time, the 9th master was also with Ms Ye, at Jin garden on the living room sofa. 9th master hugged Ms Ye and slept the whole night..."

"One whole night?"

"That's right. I was also pretty shocked at the time, so it stood out to me. 9th master started sleeping around 10 at night and woke up at 6 in the morning. A total of 8 hours of sleep!" Xu Yi replied.

Mo Xun pinched the area between his brows, "Why didn't you tell me earlier--this is huge!"

Xu Yi put on an innocent face, "That... 9th master hadn't slept consecutively for so many nights so that time, I thought he was just too exhausted so he fell asleep... and I also thought that he would tell you himself..."

Mo Xun took a deep breath and furrowed his brows. As if he would tell me personally.

"Any more? Are there any other incidents? Tell me all of them at once!"

Xu Yi thought carefully and realised that there was!

"It seems like there's one more but I'm not too sure..." Xu Yi hesitated for a moment and then said, "The night before 9th master came to the old house for a checkup, he returned to Jin garden before dawn because he went to the school to look for Ms Wan Wan that night.

I was waiting in the car all night, for more than 6 hours, before he returned.

That time, I saw that 9th master looked quite good like he had just woken up, but I didn't pay much attention to it. Thinking back, could it be possible that during those 6 hours or so, 9th master was sleeping with Ms Wan Wan?"

Mo Xun pondered silently for a long time, "If your speculation was right, then there is a commonality between all three times when he fell asleep naturally--Ye Wan Wan was there?"

Xu Yi nodded, "Seems to be the case."

The old madam heard, understood and said emotionally, "This means that whenever Ye Wan Wan is around, Little 9th can fall asleep more easily? If that's the case, then great!"

Mo Xun said cautiously, "Old madam, please don't get too excited. We need to make some more observations. In the entirety of 9th master and Ms Ye's relationship, this has happened very rarely--only three times recently."

The old madam was slightly disappointed when she heard that. She turned to Xu Yi and said, "Xu Yi, you're by Little 9th's side every day. Now, do pay more attention and find out exactly what's going on."

"Got it!"

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