Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 59: How did he fall asleep?

Chapter 59: How did he fall asleep?

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"Housekeeper Zhong knew the old madam very well and naturally knew about young master's strange illness. His face was also filled with surprise at this sight. "Old madam, this..."

The old madam's expression was still anxious and doubtful. She slowed down and walked towards the both of them carefully.

Seeing the old madam there, Ye Wan Wan subconsciously wanted to get up but because Si Ye Han was leaning on her, she couldn't stand up. "Grandma..."

The old madam looked confused and seeing that her grandson still had no reaction as she got closer, she said, "Wan Wan... Little 9th, he..."

Ye Wan Wan was afraid of the bad temper he'd get when woken up and so hadn't dared to wake him up until now. But now that old madam was here, she gently shoved him, "Si Ye Han, wake up..."

The guy sleeping soundly against her furrowed his brows after being pushed. His peaceful and gentle expression was stained with a shroud of darkness, seemingly displeased.

The old madam stared at her grandson's sleepy face and it took her a long time to regain her senses as she was filled with emotion. "Don't... Wan Wan, don't wake him up, let him sleep for awhile! This child usually sleeps too little..."

Si Ye Han's small frown caused Ye Wan Wan's little heart to shiver in fear; she also didn't want to get on the wrong side of the devil. She heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that and stroked Si Ye Han's hair with her hands to pacify him while asking softly, "Is there a blanket? I'm afraid he'll catch a cold if he sleeps like that."

"There is, there is. Old Zhong, go and get it," the old madam briskly replied.


Housekeeper Zhong quickly came back with a light and soft grey blanket.

"Thank you, Uncle Zhong!" Ye Wan Wan took the blanket and covered Si Ye Han.

After she had soothed him, Si Ye Han's brows were no longer furrowed together and he was sleeping soundly again.

The old madam was afraid that she'd disturb her grandson, so she signalled Ye Wan Wan with her eyes and then left silently with the housekeeper.

Actually, the old madam didn't go far. She kept watch for a bit, watching the way her grandson slept, her eyes red.

"Old Zhong, go fetch Xu Yi and Dr Mo!"

"Yes, old madam." Housekeeper Zhong immediately called for them.

Mo Xuan and Xu Yi were at the old house, and after being called, they quickly followed Housekeeper Zhong to the courtyard.

"Old madam, did you ask for me?" Mo Xuan felt uncertain as he thought old madam would be meeting her future granddaughter-in-law. Why did she call me over at this hour?

Xu Yi, who was standing at the side, didn't understand either.

The old madam stared at Mo Xuan sternly, "You told me before that Little 9th's recent condition was very terrible, the failure rate of the hypnotism was increasing and he couldn't fall asleep for many days in a row, right?"

As this tough problem was brought up again, Mo Xuan nodded slightly, "Yes."

After the old madam heard his answer, she pointed a short distance away, "Then tell me, what's the meaning of that?"

Mo Xuan's confused gaze followed the direction that old madam was pointing towards. Then, he saw that Si Ye Han was actually sleeping soundly against Ye Wan Wan.

Mo Xuan was speechless, "This..."

"I even went over to confirm that Little 9th was asleep. Also, I've been watching from here and he's slept for half an hour already," the old madam said.

Mo Xuan was even more surprised-- Si Ye Han actually slept without my hypnotism?

Xu Yi was also stunned.

"How did 9th master fall asleep?" Mo Xuan asked anxiously.

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