Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 58: Fast asleep

Chapter 58: Fast asleep

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Ye Wan Wan thought maybe she was overthinking things.

But no matter what was wrong with him, it was better to hold onto his hand so she wouldn't have to worry about not keeping up.

At such a big place, it would be very easy to get left behind and lost.

After she grabbed onto his hand, Si Ye Han merely slowed down but remained speechless and walked her around the old house.

When he was preparing to go for a second round, Ye Wan Wan couldn't take it any longer. "Si Ye Han, my legs are tired. Should we sit for a bit?"

Si Ye Han glanced at her, seemingly not wanting to stop but in the end, he brought her to sit on a long wooden bench.

Ye Wan Wan sighed in comfort, loosened her grip on him, stretched her body and muttered, "Grandma's really nice. I was afraid she wouldn't like me at first."

Si Ye Han looked at his empty palm for an instant, then returned his gaze, "No way."

Actually, Ye Wan Wan knew that aside from her good behaviour, the biggest factor in determining Grandma's impression of her still depended on Si Ye Han. As the saying goes, he that loves the tree loves the branch.

As long as she didn't make the same mistakes or cross a line, the meeting this time would most likely go smoothly. Of course, showing some affection to Si Ye Han wouldn't hurt.

"Oh yes, Si Ye Han, why does grandma call you Little 9th and others call you 9th young master?" Ye Wan Wan asked out of curiosity.

According to what she knew, Si Ye Han only had an elder brother so wasn't he supposed to be second in line?

Si Ye Han leaned against the chair, glancing at the stars above, "I've been weak and sickly since I was little, so this was a way to avoid tempting fate."

After hearing this, Ye Wan Wan understood, "So this was the reason. I've also heard this saying before. So making your family members call you 9th young master instead of 2nd young master would prevent the Grim Reaper from taking your soul, huh?"


"Whether it's true or not, it's better to err on the side of caution."

Si Ye Han was still alive after all and even lived to become a devil that ghosts and humans feared, a living king of hell.

It was said that Si Ye Han and his father had been attacked previously and his father had died on the spot. After getting injured in that incident, his body had never really recovered.

Considering how Si Ye Han went through such a tragedy at a young age, barely holding onto his life, not to mention his current insomnia and possibly numbered days left on this earth, it was no wonder that old madam loved him so ferociously.

Due to the good atmosphere, Ye Wan Wan asked a taboo question out of curiosity, "Si Ye Han, why can't a fine guy like you fall asleep all the time?"

Ye Wan Wan waited for Si Ye Han's reply but nothing came, and just as she thought she had gone overboard, she felt a load on her shoulders.

She turned her head subconsciously and saw that Si Ye Han was leaning on her shoulder with both eyes closed, with long and calm breaths... He had fallen asleep.

"Er..." Ye Wan Wan's expression darkened and she swallowed her question.

Si Ye Han seemed to be sleeping soundly; Ye Wan Wan didn't dare move and let him continue resting on her.

However, the night was chilly and if he continued to sleep like that, he'd most likely catch a cold...

The worried Ye Wan Wan didn't notice that not too far off, stood two people.

The old madam realised that the two of them hadn't returned for some time, so she went out to the courtyard with the housekeeper to find them.

What shocked her the most was that the two children were on the bench and her grandson had his eyes shut, leaning against that girl's shoulder. He seemed to be asleep...

How... How could that be?!


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