Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 57: He wouldn't be so childish, right?

Chapter 57: He wouldn't be so childish, right?

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The old madam continued talking about Si Ye Han, with the atmosphere in the dining hall harmonious.

As to being sold by his own grandmother, Si Ye Han didn't seem to mind at all.

He spoke very little but she could tell that in front of the old madam, he was much more personable and warm compared to his usual cold and distant manner.

The old madam prepared a whole table full of dishes; every dish was extremely delicious. Initially, Ye Wan Wan was planning to be more restrained since it was her first time there. Si Ye Han didn't speak much but his hands didn't stop moving and kept putting food on her plate. Before she knew it, she had already finished three bowls of rice.

"Oh, don't give me any more food, I can't eat anymore!" Ye Wan Wan whined as she looked at the mountain of food stacked in her bowl.

She didn't want grandma to think that she had a bottomless stomach on their first meeting.

Si Ye Han looked at the girl's whiny little face, reached his hand over, took her bowl and finished it for her.

This guy... Isn't he squeamish...

Ye Wan Wan was a little taken aback but seeing that he helped lighten her load, she heaved a sigh of relief.

The old madam watched the two of them interacting and her heart was filled with comfort.

Also, this girl was just as her grandson had described; she wasn't picky with food at all. She also had a good appetite and was much easier on the eyes than those socialites who could only eat a few mouthfuls.

After dinner, the old madam was worried that Wan Wan was bored of keeping her company. She said in a caring way, "Little 9th, this is Wan Wan's first time here, give her a little tour of the place."

"Hm," Si Ye Han nodded,

"Then off we go, grandma," Ye Wan Wan said farewell to the old madam and then followed Si Ye Han to the courtyard obediently.

The night was chilly, the sky overhead was filled with stars and the air had a crisp, floral scent.

Although it was unlike the wonderful workmanship in Jin garden, the ancient house had its own flavour as well. Taking a stroll through the courtyard after dinner was really nice.

Ye Wan Wan only found out then that the uneasiness she felt upon entering the old house had vanished.

Appreciating the night without any distractions, the Si Ye Han next to her somehow had another problem again.

He was completely fine while they were eating but something felt wrong now.

She raised her eyes to look at his face and certainly, she noticed that there was a bit of unhappiness evident on the man's face, and even his footsteps accelerated.

Ye Wan Wan's tiny legs couldn't keep up and very quickly, she was left behind.

When did I agitate this guy again? Did I say something wrong while talking to old madam? I don't think so...

Ye Wan Wan was a little afraid of the dark. It was fine if she had someone next to her but alone, she was terrified.

Seeing that he was disappearing into the night, Ye Wan Wan didn't have time to think. She jogged to catch up and clung onto one of Si Ye Han's hands.

It seemed in that moment when she held Si Ye Han's hand that the coldness she felt from him previously dissipated immediately.

After she was reborn, she became very perceptive of Si Ye Han's emotions so her intuitions were never wrong.

Ye Wan Wan blinked her eyes in surprise.

Could it be that this fellow was so silent and threw a tantrum just now simply because I didn't hold his hand while walking?

Si Ye Han wouldn't... be so childish, right?

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