Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 56: The little couple hand in hand

Chapter 56: The little couple hand in hand

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Old madam had already been informed by the servants of their arrival and was pacing around the dining hall anxiously.

She had already found out from Xu Yi about the girl's background. She was initially shocked to find out that she was still in her senior year but thankfully, even though she was a little young, she was grown-up already.

However, the girl didn't come from a good family, in stark contrast to the Si family.

But as long as Little 9th liked her, everything else didn't matter. Most importantly, she wanted to examine this girl's character and whether she was true to Little 9th.

Hearing footsteps from the entrance, old madam looked towards the door hurriedly.

The housekeeper was walking in front and behind him were two people, her grandson with his usual face as rigid as an ice sculpture, carrying a light blue school bag on his arm and beside him was a lovely little girl.

The girl's plain little face was as bright as peaches, her black hair tied up in a ponytail and she was in Qing He High School's uniform. She looked extremely well-behaved, making anyone unbearably fond of her.

What surprised her most was that they were actually holding hands.

She knew Little 9th's personality too well--any ordinary woman wouldn't be able to get closer than 3 steps from him, much less touch him.

But right now, he was actually holding the girl's hand voluntarily. This had never happened before.

Thus, the old madam looked at Ye Wan Wan with more contentment.

Si Ye Han held Ye Wan Wan and walked towards the old madam, "Grandma."

The old lady stared at Ye Wan Wan for a moment, her expression full of love. She spoke very amiably like she was afraid to scare the girl off, "This must be Wan Wan, quick, come over to grandma!"

Ye Wan Wan glanced at Si Ye Han and then walked to the old madam obediently, "How are you, grandma?"

"Good!" The old lady was beaming with happiness when she replied. Glancing at Xu Yi carrying various bags behind them, she said, "You must be tired. I already said that you didn't have to bring any gifts--you just needed to bring yourself!"

That was what she said but her tone was still very happy.

Although she didn't have a lack of anything at home, these gifts were given by her future granddaughter-in-law--they held extreme significance.

"Old madam, dinner is ready." At that moment, the servant from the kitchen came over to inform her.

"You guys came at the right time. Come over, let's chat while eating. We don't have a lot of rules at home, just be comfortable." The old madam was worried that Ye Wan Wan was reserved and took care to purposely mention that. She pulled Ye Wan Wan's hand affectionately to the dinner table and even left her grandson behind.

Si Ye Han passed the school bag to the old housekeeper and his long legs followed them to the dining table.

The old madam was already chatting warmly with Ye Wan Wan, "Wan Wan, is being in senior year tiring? I hope your studies weren't interrupted by coming over to visit me?"

Grandma Si's warm and affectionate attitude helped Ye Wan Wan calm down quite a bit. At present, it seemed like the old lady's first impression of her wasn't bad.

Ye Wan Wan shook her head, "No, they weren't. We have no lessons on Saturdays and Sundays."

"This child, Little 9th, didn't even tell me he's seeing someone. It was only when I saw him laughing in the corner by himself while looking at his phone that I asked what was he looking at. Then, he finally told me that he was reading a text from his girlfriend.

That's when I found out. Since I wasn't aware he started dating, I had a bit of a fright so I rushed him to bring you home for me to meet!" The old madam spoke and shot a look at her grandson.

Ye Wan Wan was surprised to hear that Si Ye Han laughed at her text--it was really hard to imagine.

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