Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 55: A sense of relief

Chapter 55: A sense of relief

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Xu Yi saw that the situation at the back had suddenly become x-rated so he blushed and quickly raised the partition.

God, why does seeing the master with Ye Wan Wan in her school uniform feel so wrong?

Ye Wan Wan first pulled Si Ye Han to Wan Chun hall before heading to the luxury mall downtown to stroll around.

The herbal supplements and tonic were easiest to choose--she just got Si Ye Han to pick some top graded varieties. With Si Ye Han's stringent checks for the other items, everything went smoothly.

Actually, what she bought wasn't important since the old lady had no lack of material things--they were all just a courtesy.

After picking the gifts, the car slowly drove off in the direction of the Si family's old house.

Almost an hour later, Ye Wan Wan's eyes fell upon the familiar estate.

The estate was a Chinese-style manor, ancient and magnificent. After the car entered the big curved gate, it continued on for about 10 minutes before reaching the main house.

At the door of the main house was an old housekeeper dressed in a creaseless uniform and gold-rimmed spectacles, awaiting their arrival.

Upon seeing the arrival of Si Ye Han's car, the old housekeeper immediately stepped forward, bowed and greeted respectfully, "9th master!"

"Hm." Si Ye Han responded without a trace of expression.

The old housekeeper spoke while taking a glance at the girl next to Si Ye Han.

Young master was unsociable, aloof, eccentric and moody and also abhorred women who got close to him. The old madam had previously plotted numerous solutions but all failed to instigate any emotional connections with any girls.

But now, young master actually had a girlfriend and even brought her to the old house! Not only was it shocking to the old madam, all the servants were also in disbelief.

When he saw that the girl beside young master was in her school uniform, the old housekeeper was even more surprised.

Young master actually fell for such a young girl?

He thought that young master would fall in love with a woman like Ms Ruoxi, who was elegant and sophisticated.

However, even though this girl looked rather young, she had clear eyes, a graceful disposition and her face was definitely glowing, even without any makeup.

Just going by her appearance, she was quite compatible with the young master but the housekeeper wasn't sure about her character yet.

Since she was brought back personally by the young master, the old housekeeper's attitude was very respectful. He quickly nodded and said, "I guess this would be Ms Ye. Hello, I am the housekeeper of the old house, Zhong Li."

"Hello, housekeeper Zhong." Ye Wan Wan greeted him politely without any further words.

As she was entering the house for the first time, it was better to remain reserved.

Ye Wan Wan looked at the old housekeeper and was overcome by emotions. This old housekeeper in her previous life wasn't so polite the first time he met her.

Previously, when the old housekeeper saw her explosive green wig and atrocious makeup, his face turned green and he clutched his chest, almost fainting on the spot from shock.

Compared to old madam Si who could still chat with her warmly and pleasantly after seeing her appearance--she really was something!

The old housekeeper saw Ye Wan Wan standing obediently next to Si Ye Han, reserved and shy, and he liked her even more. "9th young master, Ms Ye, quickly come inside, old madam has been waiting the whole day!"

Finally, as she stepped into this place again, Ye Wan Wan's pupils contracted and she clenched her fist subconsciously as the horrible memories of the past came flooding back uncontrollably...

Can I really change everything in this life?

Just as Si Ye Han was about to step inside, he paused and his spine stiffened.

He lowered his deep and quiet eyes, his gaze falling on his left hand and saw the girl's little hand clutching his unexpectedly.

As Si Ye Han paused all of a sudden, Ye Wan Wan then realised that because she was so nervous, she'd grabbed onto the closest thing to her, which turned out to be Si Ye Han's hand.

Ye Wan Wan was a little embarrassed, wanting to retract her hand.

But before she could move, the man had already solidified his grip on her hand and continued walking.

Feeling his palm as warm as a silk cocoon wrapped around her little hand, she strangely felt a sense of relief although the person next to her was the one she feared the most...

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