Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 54: His actions tell it all

Chapter 54: His actions tell it all

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Ye Wan Wan had thought about it and decided to meet old madam in her school uniform.

Although Si Ye Han's grandmother had an extraordinarily honourable status, she felt that all the grandmothers in the world still shared similar tastes. Most of them would appreciate a neat, clean and well-behaved girl.

There was no other type of clothing that would give off a more obedient vibe than a school uniform.

As for her face, aside from using a mask last night and performing her usual skincare routine, she didn't put on any makeup. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, showing off her beautiful forehead.

Seeing that she wasn't the frightening female ghost that he'd imagined but a vibrant and likeable girl, Xu Yi was stunned for a long time before reacting. He stumbled clumsily out of the car to open the door of the back seat and then observed her through his rearview mirror with a baffled look.

Ye Wan Wan's former favourite pastime was to go against the master, taking advantage of his affection for her. No matter how absurd her actions were, the master would always give in to her.

She had such a good opportunity to cause trouble today but she actually dressed so... normally?

This Ye Wan Wan... has been acting too weird recently, what exactly is she planning?

After Ye Wan Wan got in the car, she took a seat next to Si Ye Han.

Once she got in, she couldn't help but click her tongue in appreciation. You couldn't tell from the exterior of the car but the interior was fixed up like a presidential suite of a hotel.

The members of the Si family had put in a lot of effort just so Si Ye Han could live in comfort.

"I wasn't sure if I'll be staying over; I didn't finish my homework so I brought it along."

Ye Wan Wan placed her backpack on her lap and explained while burying her head in her bag to dig out a little booklet, and hastily said, "This is the list of gifts I came up with. I'm planning to head to Wan Chun hall to get some herbal supplements and then go to the mall to get some clothes, bags, scarves or something for Grandma. But I'm not sure about Grandma's preferences so you'll have to help me out a bit. Also, I'm broke so I'll pick out the gifts but you have to fork out the money..."

The girl had basically run over so there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. The way she stared at her little booklet and spoke at that moment was unusually focused with a glimmer in her eyes.

Wan Wan, if you are lying to me...

You better be able to guarantee...

To lie to me forever...

Ye Wan Wan was about to continue speaking when she felt her chin being lifted up. His crisp breath drifted over her face gradually; the man's handsome, enchanting face increasingly loomed closer and then there came a sharp pain on her lips.

Feeling a hint of imperceptible danger, Ye Wan Wan was in complete confusion --what's wrong with this guy? I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

Could it be because of how I'm dressed?

Thinking that Si Ye Han didn't like her appearance, Ye Wan Wan could only play along, "Hey, you don't like how I'm dressed? Since we're meeting grandma today and the elderly certainly wouldn't like a girl with heavy makeup on, I didn't apply any so you'll have to put up with that a little..."

Hearing that the girl actually dressed like that on purpose for grandma, Si Ye Han was taken aback.

His gaze skimmed over the girl's cheeks, neck and waist that was enclosed in her school uniform and a strange heat rose from beneath his cold eyes. All of a sudden, he kissed her again, and unlike before when he skimmed the surface, he was now overbearing and even slightly rough, aggressively violating every part of her mouth...

His actions showed quite clearly how he felt about her appearance.

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