Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 53: Marry a wife for her virtues

Chapter 53: Marry a wife for her virtues

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Saturday afternoon.

In the secluded alley at the north gate of Qing He High School, a posh Bentley was conspicuously parked there that obviously didn't blend in with the mottled old walls and cracked cement road.

The black exterior of the car looked very understated but the interior was luxurious to perfection with real leather seats, expensive high-quality velvet blankets and an automatic air conditioning system exuding a faint fragrance with a hypnotic effect. The whole car was fixed up very comfortably.

The man was in a tailored dark black suit, sitting on a snow-white velvet seat. His face was handsome and apathetic as usual. There was a faint shadow under his eyelids due to many sleepless nights, making him look a bit grim and intimidating.

At that moment, the man was gazing out of the window, pondering about something.

In the driver's seat, Xu Yi had two heavy dark circles around his eyes and a gloomy face. It was apparent that he had a sleepless night.

He would never have imagined that master actually wanted to bring that Ye Wan Wan to meet old madam. Ever since he found out about this, he felt very uneasy.

Isn't the master afraid that the woman's appearance will scare the living daylights out of Madam?

Not to mention that woman's troublemaking temperament.

Who's old madam you say? She's master's greatest help and supporter of him inheriting the family business. If things go poorly in the old house, the consequences would be extremely severe.

Initially, he had always held onto a glimmer of hope, wishing that master was just fooling around and pursuing what he couldn't have. Who knew that master actually wanted to bring her to meet old madam?

As the saying goes, marry a woman for her virtue. If master insists on being with this mentally unsound woman, he'll have to pay some exorbitant price someday.

The more Xu Yi thought, the more he feared. He couldn't help but protest, "Master, there are some things that you won't like to hear but I have to remind you even if I risk losing my life. Do think twice before you act--old madam is your closest kin and her words hold the most weight in the Si family. If old madam is hurt or offended, there will be dire consequences.

If you were just keeping her privately in Jin garden then that's one thing, but she is a woman who you want to bring to meet old madam, which means that she's one of the candidates to become Si family's household headmistress in the future and with Miss Ye's personality, it's completely..."

Before Xu Yi could continue, an icy-cold voice came from the backseat and interrupted him with a strong sense of oppression, "Who told you that's a possibility?"

A chill went down Xu Yi's spine from the sudden coldness and there was silence.

The next second, the man's tone became colder and two frosty words were spat out of his thin lips, "Only one."

The only candidate.

The moment the man's words left his mouth, Xu Yi shuddered.

He opened his mouth wanting to speak but in the end, was suppressed by a ferocious glare so he didn't dare utter another word. He sat stiffly on his seat in disappointment, with the steering wheel in his hands.

The atmosphere in the car froze like ice in an instant.

Just as Xu Yi was preparing for the worse, the sound of light footsteps came from a distance.

Xu Yi lifted up his bloodshot eyes towards the direction of the sound and saw a girl in Qing He's school uniform walking towards them from the back door.

The girl didn't have any makeup on and was carrying a pale blue backpack. Her long, jet black hair was tied into a neat ponytail and she donned Qing He's blue and white long sleeve shirt and trousers, which looked a little odd and hadn't been designed to be aesthetically pleasing. But due to the girl's jade-like, translucent fair complexion, she exuded a teenage girl's vibrancy and liveliness.

Unlike the exquisitely dressed socialites' daughters that he was accustomed to, she made people's eyes light up, like a clear stream.

After seeing clearly who it was, Xu Yi was dumbfounded in disbelief.

That... That is... Ye Wan Wan!

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