Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 788 - Been cheated on

Chapter 788: Been cheated on

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Xu Yi racked his brains for an excuse. “Uh… because… because the sunflowers in the garden are growing really well. They’ve started producing seeds! You can sip on some tea while admiring the beautiful blooms!”

“Uh, but I miss your master. I’ll just wait here. How much longer will he be?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Xu Yi nearly broke down in tears. “I’m not too sure about that. He’ll probably take a long time, so Miss Wanwan, you’d better take a seat and rest!”

At first, Xu Yi’s words didn’t sound suspicious, but Ye Wanwan suddenly recalled the text message from Si Xia.

“Xu Yi, are you hiding something from me?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Xu Yi: “No!”

Seeing how Xu Yi denied it so quickly, Ye Wanwan’s eyes narrowed. “What’s in there?”

Ye Wanwan’s gaze was simply too intense; Xu Yi felt like he couldn’t handle it anymore. “There’s nothing. Nothing at all!”

Ye Wanwan chuckled. “Tsk, don’t tell me there’s a woman inside, eh?”

Xu Yi’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately said, “How could there be a woman?! No… what I mean is that the person reporting on the proposal inside is, in fact, a woman, but it’s definitely not what you think!”

Ye Wanwan: “Oh? Why don’t you tell me what I’m thinking?”

Xu Yi: “…”

I’m dead. Why is this getting more and more out of hand…

So, Si Xia said I’m green – it means I’ve been cheated on?

Ye Wanwan swept her gaze across Xu Yi. “Move.”

Xu Yi hurriedly explained, “Miss Wanwan, please don’t misunderstand. That woman inside does have a little problem, but I’m afraid you’ll misunderstand when you see her, so I tried stopping you just now. But you should trust that 9th master would never do that sort of thing…”

Ye Wanwan said casually, “I won’t misunderstand anything; I just wanted you to make way – why are you so nervous?”


Seeing that Ye Wanwan didn’t look angry, Xu Yi moved aside hesitantly.

In the next second.


The door of the study was kicked open by Ye Wanwan…

Xu Yi: “…!!!”

Didn’t she say she wouldn’t misunderstand?!

Xu Yi was dumbstruck as he watched Miss Wanwan kicking open the door in her floral dress and high heels. The door toppled over with a loud crash then she simply stepped over the door on the floor and entered slowly.

After the door was kicked down, Ye Wanwan immediately saw the situation in the study.

Si Ye Han was behind the desk looking through a thick stack of documents. If one took a closer look, they would see that he seemed quite distracted and he would glance at the wall from time to time.

A sweet and adorable girl stood a couple steps away in front of the desk and was reporting something to Si Ye Han in a gentle voice…

The girl’s style of dress and makeup were very similar to hers; even her stature and mannerisms were almost identical to hers.

Ye Wanwan’s expression changed when she saw that girl.

After hearing the loud crash, the girl screamed in shock. “Ah——”

“Get out.” Ye Wanwan didn’t even take a glance at the girl. After she tossed out those two words, her eyes turned to Si Ye Han directly.

“Chairman Si… this…” The frightened girl looked at Si Ye Han, resentful.

From the door, Xu Yi hurriedly made hints to the girl. “Secretary Lin, why are you still standing there? Hurry and come out! Assistant Ye has something to tell 9th master!”

The woman didn’t have a choice and reluctantly left.

The moment Si Ye Han saw Ye Wanwan, his stone-cold eyes glistened in an instant like stars falling from the galaxy and they were fixated on her. “You’re back.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

There’s something wrong with this guy’s reaction, right?

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