Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 787 - There's a woman in there?

Chapter 787: There’s a woman in there?

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On the way to Jin garden:

Ye Wanwan suddenly received a text message.

It was from Si Xia, who hadn’t contacted her for quite some time:  [Friendly reminder: You’ve turned green.]

What does that even mean? I think I’m quite red [1] now…

Ye Wanwan had a suspicious look and replied:  [What do you mean?]

Si Xia:  [The literal meaning.]

Ye Wanwan:  [What the h*ll?]

Si Xia didn’t reply anymore.

Ye Wanwan didn’t think much about it and returned to Jin garden.

Late at night, Jin garden:

Xu Yi thought it was excessively demanding that someone from the subsidiary company actually delivered an urgent project proposal to him.

This was quite normal and wasn’t out of the ordinary – 9th master mentioned that the proposal must be sent to him immediately once it was completed, no matter what the time was.

But the problem was that the person delivering that proposal was… slightly unusual…

The secretary looked great and had a fantastic figure. As it was already after office hours, she was in a more casual outfit – her style of dress and mannerisms were extremely similar to Ye Wanwan’s. She even looked similar in appearance.

Is this… going to stir up trouble…

Xu Yi thought about it and realized what was going on…

Ever since 9th master became the head of the household, many tried to push women onto him. However, due to 9th master’s irritable temper and hatred for women getting close to him, everyone gave up in the end.

Since Miss Wanwan had been taking care of his health lately, 9th master’s temperament became gentler. Plus, with Miss Wanwan around, the rumors about 9th master not liking women were gone and some people had started making moves…

Xu Yi thought about it while he glanced into the study behind him. This time, those people were giving it their all.

He really had to hand it to them for being able to find someone like this…

They thought 9th master fancied this sort of woman, so they attempted to find someone similar to Miss Wanwan to push her out…

“I’m back~~~”

Suddenly, Ye Wanwan’s voice came from the stairs and Xu Yi, who was still deep in thought, was frightened out of his wits.

Sh*t! What’s going on!

Isn’t Miss Wanwan on a night flight? Why’s she back now?

Xu Yi was panicking as Ye Wanwan made her way upstairs and walked in the direction of the study.

The girl was dressed in a striking dark red dress. She was wearing a pair of white strappy heels and had a diamante milky white woolen coat over her shoulders; the soft curls of her hair draped over her shoulders lazily and she looked extremely sweet and captivating…

Although that woman in the house was dressed exactly like Ye Wanwan, after seeing Ye Wanwan, Xu Yi then realized what the difference was.

If Ye Wanwan was said to be a rose with a dewdrop under the moonlight, this woman was a fake flower made of plastic.

“Housekeeper Xu, where’s Ah-Jiu?”

Xu Yi saw that Ye Wanwan had already made her way to the door of the study. He started sweating profusely and hurriedly tried to remediate the situation for his master. “9th master is inside dealing with some business matters. Miss Wanwan, you’ve had a long journey – why don’t you go to the garden for a cup of tea and wait a little while!”

“Oh, he’s busy…” Ye Wanwan seemed a little sad and she asked, “Why do I have to go to the garden for tea?”

Obviously, it was because he was afraid Miss Wanwan would see something she shouldn’t see if she entered the study.

Even though master is “blind,” what if that woman tries something, huh!

How could it be such a coincidence – that woman just entered and Miss Wanwan arrived almost right after…

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