Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 789 - Since when did I seduce him?

Chapter 789: Since when did I seduce him?

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I entered by kicking the door down, okay!

Yet he’s still so calm and composed – doesn’t he know that I’m fuming?

“Weren’t you going to arrive later tonight?” Si Ye Han asked.

Ye Wanwan strode towards Si Ye Han and slammed the table. “What? Are you disappointed that I came back earlier and ruined your night, huh?”

Si Ye Han was confused. “What?”

Ye Wanwan raged in anger, “Stop pretending! That woman – who offered that tribute to you? It’s so late. You must’ve had a great time chatting with her, right?”

Si Ye Han’s eyes turned gloomy. “Woman?”

When Ye Wanwan saw that he was still feigning ignorance, she nearly exploded. “That’s right – that female secretary! From her style of dress to her makeup and hairstyle, she looks almost identical to me. Even the way she acts is identical! She’s obviously imitating me on purpose! Don’t tell me you couldn’t tell that someone brought this woman here intentionally as a tribute to you!”

Si Ye Han replied directly, “Nope.”

Ye Wanwan nearly choked from anger and she slammed the table once again. “LIAR! That woman was speaking so coyly. What about those little coquettish glances she gave you? How could you not know she was seducing you?”

Si Ye Han stared plainly at Ye Wanwan for a few seconds.

The girl was furious – her cheeks were red and it was as if there was a furnace burning in her eyes. Her gaze was bright and emotional, and he was shaken to his core by her beauty…

What stirred his heart most was that…

She’s getting… mad at this?

Under Ye Wanwan’s fuming gaze, Si Ye Han slowly reached out and grabbed the back of her head then kissed her on the lips…

From getting kissed all of a sudden, Ye Wanwan blinked and went blank. She pushed him away angrily but failed and was still locked in his embrace.

Hey, I’m mad, alright?! Could you take this more seriously?!

Si Ye Han’s pupils darkened and in the next second, he kissed her soft red lips again and his voice was muffled between her teeth: “You seduced me.”

The moment he touched the girl’s lips, he seemed to have found a place where he belonged and was immediately appeased after all those days of longing for her…

Ye Wanwan: “…!”


Since when did I seduce him?

How does this man’s brain work, huh?

He actually counter-attacked!

She hadn’t seen him for many days. His coolness and nonchalance turned into nothingness, and his kiss became more intense like a blazing ball of fire about to exhaust her completely.

Ye Wanwan was almost enchanted by his beauty. She finally regained her senses after a long time and straightened up before she continued complaining, “Don’t you dare give me that honey trap! I went on a work trip and worked so hard, yet you actually cheated on me! How could you face me like this?!”

“I didn’t notice what she was wearing, how she acted or how she looked,” Si Ye Han said.

Ye Wanwan wanted to say “Are you blind?” but Si Ye Han continued after a pause. “I was thinking of you.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Wah! Where did this sudden bout of sweet-nothings come from…

This excuse is pretty bullsh*t, but judging by Si Ye Han’s EQ, it might actually be true, eh?

So the person who sent that secretary spent so much effort to find someone like this, but in the end, Si Ye Han didn’t even care about how she looks?

After thinking it through, Ye Wanwan thought it was quite believable.

“Alright, I’ll believe you just this once…” Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and warned him sternly, “If you dare to find another woman behind my back, I’ll bring an illegitimate child back!”

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