Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 782 - Didn't control my strength properly

Chapter 782: Didn’t control my strength properly

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Everyone watched this scene unfolding before their eyes like they had seen a ghost.

The middle-aged man who was known as boss Zhou was speechless. Is that person a monster in human skin?

Spray of Flowers and the devotee looked at one another. They didn’t expect that acting as the Rose of Death would cause such a big ruckus. In a place like this, their captain was actually serious for once.

Very soon, the grey clouds dissipated and they realized the doctor dressed as a young man was already long dead.

At this very moment, boss Zhou and everyone else’s complexions were deathly white. They weren’t doubtful of these people who suddenly appeared anymore – these people were so terrifying that they must be the legendary Rose of Death.

Boss Zhou obviously knew of the existence of the Rose of Death, but he didn’t know they were so strong and just one member was able to finish off Li San Ye and Dr. Skeleton…

Whether it was Li San Ye or Dr. Skeleton, they were both top-notch, well-known killers in the region and were very powerful. But even so, they couldn’t retaliate at all in the hands of the legendary Rose of Death and were as weak as newborn babies.

Then Nameless Nie looked towards the ruins and sized up the Dr. Skeleton he had beaten to death.

“I didn’t control my strength properly and went a little too hard,” Nameless Nie muttered.

The brick-moving foreigner, devotee and the others gave him a look that readL As if we would believe you.

He obviously was itching to fight, yet he made it sound so dignified.

Currently, the elderly mercenary and everyone else was looking at Nameless Nie in extreme fear.

They had also heard of the Rose of Death but even the leader of the Rose of Death, Black Widow, shouldn’t have been so terrifying. Just now, a lowly member of the organization displayed such brutal strength. Everyone was trembling in terror.

“Qiang-ge, are you as strong as that man?” The long-haired man looked at the bearded man and asked.

The bearded man remained silent for some time and said, “Baby, that’s nothing. Have you seen Qiang-ge when serious? Let me tell you – when I’m serious, I’m much stronger than that guy! That guy is probably about… only half as strong as me!”

The long-haired man had a look of adoration. “Qiang-ge, you’re amazing. I’m so blessed!”

“Hahaha, of course, baby. Let me tell you – if it wasn’t for that guy attacking so abruptly and killing that Dr. Skeleton and Li San Ye, I would’ve killed them myself. Do you think I’m bragging? Qiang-ge (I) never brags.” The bearded man sneered.

“Oh my, this cow is bragging up to the heavens – as if he doesn’t brag…” The fatty turned to the bearded man.

Among all of them, the bearded man was the one who bragged the most.

Ye Wanwan concealed her twitching lips. She looked at boss Zhou and said indifferently, “I’m taking this group of mercenaries away – do you have any objections?”

“Nnn-no no no… not at all… I don’t have any objections at all!”

Facing Ye Wanwan’s question, boss Zhou looked as if he had seen a ghost and shook his head continuously.

After all, that woman was Black Widow, the boss of this perverted group…!

Just an ordinary member of the Rose of Death was already so scary, much less the Black Widow herself, right?

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