Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 783 - The queen's boy toy

Chapter 783: The queen’s boy toy

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Boss Zhou swallowed and said weakly, “Then can… can we leave…”

Ye Wanwan casually looked at her nails. “Wait a minute.”

The droplets of cold sweat on boss Zhou’s forehead trickled down. “Is… is there anything else?”

“What have you seen today?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Boss Zhou went blank for a second before he hurriedly replied, “I… I didn’t see anything at all! I didn’t see anyone!”

After hearing his answer, Ye Wanwan lifted her hand.

Boss Zhou and the others wet their pants in terror and hurriedly ran away.

Ye Wanwan initially thought they had to come up with more twists and turns; she hadn’t expected that Nameless Nie’s ultimate performance would overturn the entire place and dominate those people…

After those people left, Ye Wanwan said to the group of mercenaries, “All of you, follow me.”

They looked at one another and hadn’t returned to their senses from the attack. When they heard her, they were stunned and couldn’t react to what she said.

“Uh… wh-what… fo-follow you…” The long-haired man went blank for a second before he burrowed himself into the bearded man’s embrace. “Qiang-ge, I don’t want to be captured and become a boy toy ah ah ah!”

The bearded man stepped forward instantly. “Just take me prisoner if you have to!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Who gave you guys the confidence, huh?

Don’t you guys have a clue how you look like?

Spray of Flowers bellowed, “Outrageous! How dare all you repulsive people even dream of becoming our queen’s boy toys!”

The devotee nodded. “You have to be at least as good looking as me!”

The fatty said weakly, “Then… then why…”

At this moment, the elderly man’s face turned gloomy and he said, “May I know if madam is also looking for those goods? Madam, please check properly. We accepted the mission from a secret society, got hold of those goods and successfully delivered them. Who knew that they would tell everyone that we kept the goods and got us to take the blame, causing us to be chased by everyone…”

“I’m very aware of the situation,” Ye Wanwan said plainly. “Right now, I’m giving all of you two options: One, follow me and obey my orders, and I will make sure you guys are safe. Two… I believe all of you wouldn’t want to choose this option.”

“One! One one one!” The fatty made the decision immediately.

The second option is definitely death – must we even consider it any further?!

Not only did they escape death, but they even got protection from the legendary Rose of Death – it was simply a blessing from the heavens. Obviously they’d agree to it.

When the other four people heard that the other party wanted to recruit them, they were stunned.

After they were set up by the gang, the mercenary union shut them out and everyone was after their lives – they had nowhere to run…

Everything went smoother than Ye Wanwan expected this time and she managed to reach her goal.

After Ye Wanwan returned, she let Feng Xuan Yi and Eleven help these people settle down then she gave Nameless Nie and the others their pay.

The devotee couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, you disguised as the Rose of Death. Weren’t you afraid of being exposed?”

Ye Wanwan looked at him calmly. “Who said it was a disguise?”

Devotee: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Ye Wanwan: “The Rose of Death was made up, wasn’t it?”

Devotee: “That’s right!”

Ye Wanwan: “Since the Rose of Death doesn’t exist and nobody has seen them before, why can’t I be the Rose of Death?”

Devotee: “…” That works?

Spray of Flowers: “En, boss, you’re smart! Certainly, you’re destined for great things!”

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