Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 781 - Amazing, big bro

Chapter 781: Amazing, big bro

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Nameless Nie looked indifferent. His eyes were unmoving.

“Captain… he hit you first!” Spray of Flowers hurriedly said.

Li San Ye scoffed and hit Nameless Nie in his abdomen once again. This time, he used almost all his strength.

However, Li San Ye was left in disbelief – this man before him didn’t even wince and after receiving this blow from him, he didn’t have the slightest injury at all.

“You… are really courting death.” A cold light flashed in Nameless Nie’s eyes.

Nobody saw what moves he made, but in the next second, he grabbed Li San Ye by the neck.

This enormous strength left Li San Ye without any room to retaliate.

This well-known killer was akin to a newborn baby in Nameless Nie’s hands. Nameless Nie grabbed him by his neck and slowly lifted him off the ground.

Li San Ye’s face turned red, his eyes filled with blood vessels and both his arms flailed wildly towards Nameless Nie.

If an ordinary person had to endure those blows, he or she would’ve been shocked to death.

However, it didn’t have any effect on Nameless Nie at all.


The elderly mercenary looked at Nameless Nie, completely stunned. He knew very well how powerful Li San Ye’s blow was and the mercenaries might not be able to defeat him even if they combined their strength together. But in that young man’s hands, Li San Ye couldn’t even fight back!

“You’re courting death!” That young doctor’s scalpel was immediately tossed in Nameless Nie’s direction.

However, before it could get close to his body, Nameless Nie caught the scalpel with his left hand.

“Interesting…” Nameless Nie glanced at the young doctor before retracting his gaze.

“I didn’t want to cause any trouble at first… but you guys are apparently… a little too ignorant.” Nameless Nie spoke before he used more strength.

The cracking of bones resounded.

Everyone widened their eyes as they watched Li San Ye’s neck getting crushed by Nameless Nie.


This scene made everyone gasp.

Just now, everyone was doubting whether or not this group of people was truly the rumored Rose of Death.

But at this current moment, everyone was suspecting that even if it was the rumored Rose of Death, they shouldn’t be so terrifying!


Nameless Nie’s right arm waved and simply flung Li San Ye’s corpse over 100 meters away.

Following that, Nameless Nie strode over to the doctor dressed as a young man.

“You…” At this moment, the young doctor was flustered.

“It’s been a long time since anybody dared to attack me.” Nameless Nie looked at that young doctor and spoke coldly.

Upon seeing the enraged Nameless Nie, Spray of Flowers and the devotee looked at each other.

Those people really didn’t know better and dared to attack their captain. Truly, the ignorant knew no fear.

Ye Wanwan looked at Nameless Nie, surprised. She didn’t expect Nameless Nie had this side to him…

Especially the frightening strength and vigor Nameless Nie displayed just now. Even Ye Wanwan was breaking out in a cold sweat – that wasn’t the Nameless Nie she knew. He was a freak with a formidable aura around him!

“You, come over.”

Nameless Nie looked at the young doctor and chuckled lightly.

“You… what do you want…?” The young doctor knitted his brows and looked at Nameless Nie.


Suddenly, a sound echoed throughout the area.

In the next second, the entire place fell into a dead silence.

All they saw was Nameless Nie’s palm appearing out of nowhere.

The young doctor didn’t know what happened as his entire body flew ten meters away.


The young doctor’s body smashed the gigantic pillar in front of the factory into pieces.

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