Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 777 - Choose a way to die

Chapter 777: Choose a way to die

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“Ai ya ya, they found us… what should we do… it’s all your fault. I already said to stop the car further away… the car is right beside the factory – any human being would hear the noise.”

Among this group of mercenaries, there was a young, extremely cute and sweet-looking little Lolita.

“I stepped on the brakes, but the car wouldn’t stop, so what could I do, huh? I already said I can’t drive, yet all of you forced me to. Actually, I wanted to simply knock them all down,” A lovable fatty spoke with apparent grievances.

“Ay… you can’t even drive a car and you eat so much every day – what a waste of resources.”

A very good looking man with long hair picked his nails and sneered, “They found us the second we got out of the car! What should we do, what should we do?!”

Then the good-looking long-haired man immediately punched the fatty in the chest.

“Whoa, could you not use your little fist to punch my chest?” the fatty said, displeased.

“Baby, so what if they saw us? With Qiang-ge around, what’s there to be afraid of!” Standing in front of the long-haired man was a bulky and bearded man.

Hearing that, the long-hair man leaned on the chest of the bearded man. “Qiang-ge, you’re the best – much better than those darn fatties! With Qiang-ge around, I’m not afraid at all!”

“Haha, baby, you don’t have to be afraid at all. Qiang-ge is here. Even if the ceiling collapses, I’ll be there to hold it up for you!” The bearded man grinned.

“Oh my, the two of you should be more mindful – this is a public space.” The fatty looked at the bearded man in contempt.

Before the bearded man could say anything, an old man slowly emerged from this group of mercenaries.

The old man looked glum and his eyes were shrouded in darkness. “Stop this nonsense and take care of those few dogs first.”

“Let me do it… let me do it!” The little Lolita leaped out and strode forward.

At this moment, the armed men guarding the area looked at each other when they saw a cute and sweet-looking little Lolita walking toward them from the group of mercenaries.

“Aiya… big brothers, you guys look really ugly… but all of you can choose a relatively cuter way of dying… I’ll list them: getting poisoned, getting shot, a hand grenade explosion, getting bombarded or getting killed by a dagger… what do you guys think – which is better?” The little Lolita looked at those armed men and giggled.

“Courting death, huh!”

In an instant, those men had their guns aimed at the little Lolita.

However, before their fingers could pull the trigger, there was a flicker of cold light in the air.


“POP! Tsk!”

Those armed men couldn’t even scream in time and a dagger was thrust into the space between their brows.

The little Lolita clapped her hands and smiled innocently. “I think that… being killed by a dagger is the cutest, oh!”

Immediately after the Lolita spoke, the armed men fell to the ground.

“What do you think… amazing, right?! After the little Lolita took care of those armed men, she turned around and looked at the group of mercenaries behind her. She bent over and made a funny face.

“Wow, I think I should’ve just driven over them just now!” The fatty stepped forward and laughed.

“Stop talking crap!” The old man waved. “Today, we must find that item and kill them all no matter what!”

The group of mercenaries then slowly made their way into the factory.

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