Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 776 - Get up right now

Chapter 776: Get up right now

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After some time, Nameless Nie put the silver mask and windbreaker on. He looked quite legitimate and almost identical to the Rose of Death that Ye Wanwan had in mind.

“What are you guys waiting for?” Nameless Nie looked at Spray of Flowers and the devotee.

Hearing his commands, the devotee shook his head. “Captain, you’re afraid of being recognized but we aren’t… so we don’t need to put on the disguise, right?”

They weren’t the ones who wrote the manuscript anyway.

Furthermore, this outfit… was really embarrassing…

Before Nameless Nie could say anything, Ye Wanwan looked at the devotee. “You guys have to dress up as well. Otherwise, how are you going to disguise as the Rose of Death? Didn’t you say it’s most important for a family to stick together?”

With Nameless Nie and Ye Wanwan pressuring them, Spray of Flowers, brick-moving foreigner, and the devotee were left with no choice as they changed into their Rose of Death disguises.

“Captain, when you wrote about this Rose of Death organization, why did you make them wear masks and capes? I think… the members of the Rose of Death should all cross-dress – only then would they be worthy of this name.” Spray of Flowers looked at the windbreaker he was wearing and didn’t seem too pleased.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Luckily, Spray of Flowers wasn’t the one who wrote the manuscript.

“I’m writing about a secret organization, not some perverted organization.” Nameless Nie gave Spray of Flowers side-eye.

“Captain looks so handsome even when he’s mad… my maiden heart is exploding!” Spray of Flowers couldn’t help it and was about to pounce on him, but Nameless Nie glared at him.

“Captain, ignore that bloody pervert! We still have someone who hasn’t changed into his outfit eh!” The devotee pointed to the iceberg man lying on the ground.

Hearing what the devotee said, Nameless Nie, Ye Wanwan and the others immediately looked at the ground.

As expected, the iceberg man adjusted himself to a comfortable position and laid on the ground.

Iceberg man: “?”

“Get up right now!” Nameless Nie said sternly.

Iceberg man: “…”

“Your father (I) has been traveling for so many years. I’ve seen all sorts of violent storms and winds, but this is my very first time meeting someone as lazy as you,” the devotee said.

Brick-moving foreigner: “Amazing!”

Iceberg man: “…!”

“Spray of Flowers, go help him get changed!” Nameless Nie ordered.

“Captain is so nice… I’ll go help my hubby change his clothes now!” Spray of Flowers strutted towards the iceberg man.

The iceberg man stood up in a split second. He took the mask and windbreaker unhappily and changed into them unwillingly.

“Hubby, what do you mean by this… I was so willing to help you get dressed, yet you gave me the cold shoulder. Hmph…” Spray of Flowers pouted.

“Get lost.” It was rare that the iceberg man spoke. He must’ve really disliked him.

Before Spray of Flowers could continue, Ye Wanwan suddenly made a silent gesture.

Shortly after, Nameless Nie and the others looked in the direction of Ye Wanwan’s line of sight.

A few armed men walked out of that factory.

Those armed men were guarding the factory outside and kept looking around them.


After some time, Ye Wanwan pointed towards the bottom left.

A couple of off-road vehicles slowly stopped behind the factory and about a dozen people came out from them.

These people were all dressed in camouflage gear and were probably the mercenaries Ye Wanwan heard about.

At this moment, those people were creeping toward the factory.


The armed men guarding the factory saw those mercenaries.

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