Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 775 - We can talk things through

Chapter 775: We can talk things through

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“Oh right, boss Ye, why did you ask about the Rose of Death?” Spray of Flowers asked out of curiosity.

Ye Wanwan thought about it before she replied, “This time, we’re going to act as this organization, the Rose of Death; I’ll be the Black Widow… and all of you will act as the members of the Rose of Death.”

Upon hearing what Ye Wanwan said, all of them were stunned. HUH? She wants us to act like the Rose of Death?

Previously, Nameless Nie had actually forbidden any news regarding the Rose of Death from leaking out. Even old master Nie agreed his manuscript caused this groundless organization, so he supported Nameless Nie’s decision.

And right now, this Famous Ye actually wanted the original creator, Nameless Nie, to act as the rubbish Rose of Death…

“Boss Ye, what’s so great about the Rose of Death? How about we act as my Nie family… my Nie family is much better than the Rose of Death in every way. What do you think? I’ll act very naturally and give you a good price.” Nameless Nie walked to Ye Wanwan and did his sales pitch.

Hearing that, Ye Wanwan looked at Nameless Nie like she was looking at a fool. Go on… keep bragging… better than the Rose of Death, huh…

“No way, just act as the Rose of Death.” Ye Wanwan was firm and didn’t allow Nameless Nie to negotiate at all.

Whether the Rose of Death existed or not, she wouldn’t change her plan.

If this “Rose of Death” organization and leader “Black Widow” were all just made up and didn’t exist at all, that was better…

Then it meant that nobody had seen the “Rose of Death” before.

Maybe she should take this name, “Black Widow”…

“Then… I’m not acting!” Nameless Nie shook his head adamantly and seemed like he wouldn’t budge.

“Oh, I’ll just tell your nephew that you hired me and my boyfriend to disguise as his parents, then,” Ye Wanwan said indifferently.

“Don’t… Famous Ye… we can talk things through…” When Ye Wanwan brought the little devil up, Nameless Nie broke out in a cold sweat instantly.

Nameless Nie was neither afraid of the heavens nor earth. He was only afraid of one thing – his nephew.

“Then are you acting or not?” Ye Wanwan smiled and looked straight at Nameless Nie.

“Yes, I’ll act. I’ll act, alright!” Nameless Nie was helpless and could only agree.

Even if Ye Wanwan changed her mind at the last minute and decided not to pretend to be the little devil’s mother, the threat of telling the little devil would also be enough to choke him, much less actually telling the little devil the truth.

Hence, Nameless Nie thought it through and under immense pressure, he finally decided to give in.

“Captain, we’ll be wearing the silver masks anyway. Nobody will know you’re the one acting!” The brick-moving foreigner was very witty and analyzed the situation for Nameless Nie.

“That’s right!” Nameless Nie slapped his thigh. “We’ll be wearing the silver masks anyway…”

With that said, Nameless Nie looked around. “Where are the masks?”

When they left, they didn’t bring any masks at all!

“I have them here.” Ye Wanwan smiled mysteriously and opened the suitcase she brought along.

In the suitcase, there was a black veil, black chiffon dress, a few silver masks and a couple of black windbreakers with roses embroidered on them.

“Famous Ye, you… you’re prepared…”

Nameless Nie stared at the silver masks and windbreakers in the suitcase and was dumbstruck. He felt like this boss Ye probably didn’t intend to negotiate with them at all and directly reached a decision herself. She even prepared all the props…

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