Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 774 - Who exactly is he?

Chapter 774: Who exactly is he?

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“Actually, the Rose of Death was just a book our captain’s father wrote when he was younger. He roughly described a power like that and stopped writing after that. Then the captain was born and he thought the Rose of Death was pretty interesting, so he continued writing and described the Rose of Death in more detail when he was younger…”

“Such as how the members of the Rose of Death wore windbreakers with a subtle rose print on them and silver masks – all these details were written when the captain was a few years old. The leader of the Rose of Death, Black Widow, who loved men and was bloodthirsty, was also made up by the captain!” The devotee laughed.

“After that, the Nie family had a break in and they lost the manuscript. It was at that point that the story of the Rose of Death spread – from ten people to hundreds and today, everyone thinks the Rose of Death really exists… it’s hilarious. Everybody claims it’s true, but who has really seen them?” Spray of Flowers waved his arms as he told the story.

After hearing how the Rose of Death came about, Ye Wanwan froze and was in disbelief.

That terrifying organization… is actually… a character produced from a stack of manuscripts!

And it was written by Nameless Nie when he was how old?

Thinking it through, Ye Wanwan still thought it didn’t quite make any sense and she looked at Nameless Nie and the others suspiciusly. “You simply lost a stack of manuscripts and you want me to believe this is true – do you think I’m a fool…?”

Fortunately, Nameless Nie and his father wrote about the Rose of Death. What if they wrote about a superhuman, huh…

“Boss Ye, you can’t put it that way. If it was some ordinary folks, I guess they wouldn’t have even bothered looking at a manuscript when they broke into a house, right… but you need to know that this manuscript went missing from the Nie household in Europe, so nobody questioned its credibility at all. Furthermore, old master Ye and captain didn’t use the standard story writing style to describe the Rose of Death – they wrote it in the form of a recount which made everyone believe it completely without any doubt,” the devotee said.

“Ay, this is all in the past. Let’s not talk about it. Anyway, didn’t I ban everyone from talking about the Rose of Death?” Nameless Nie said.

Nameless Nie never thought those few words he penned when he was little, this power he fabricated, would become a real person in other people’s eyes.

Nameless Nie didn’t seem to be lying and judging by the expressions of the devotee, Spray of Flowers and the others, Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but believe their words. She was extremely surprised.

Who exactly is this Nameless Nie huh…

Just a manuscript that he and his father wrote spread throughout the world and actually caused everyone to believe it. Even the Si family hadn’t suspected a thing…

In addition, from what Nameless Nie said just now, he stopped the news of the Rose of Death from spreading and coincidentally, the Rose of Death vanished without a trace in the past last ten years. There was no news about them aside from the time when she disguised as their leader…

Which part of this group before her was so sacred… how could they have such great influence, huh!

But Ye Wanwan really couldn’t understand one thing – with their skills, why did they have to worry about having enough food and warm clothes…

Anyway, this group of people wasn’t simple, so Ye Wanwan didn’t completely believe their words – who knows, they might be trying to con her, but Ye Wanwan couldn’t really think of a reason why Nameless Nie would want to con her.

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