Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 778 - This isn't about the money

Chapter 778: This isn’t about the money

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At the hilltop, the devotee turned to Ye Wanwan after he saw the group of mercenaries entering the factory. “Boss, that’s a bunch of exotic people, huh.”

“I’ve never seen such strange mercenaries before.” Spray of Flowers nodded.

“A bunch of fools,” The brick-moving foreigner said in a serious tone.

Iceberg man: “En.”

At this moment, the corners of Ye Wanwan’s lip started twitching. Who gave them the courage to call other people weird… aren’t they the weirdest bunch…

“Boss Ye, did you bring us here to act in a show or watch a show?” The devotee was confused.

Nameless Nie and the others still had no idea of Ye Wanwan’s plan.

“It’s like this – our mission this time is to save that group of mercenaries,” Ye Wanwan explained.

“Save that group of mercenaries?” Spray of Flowers was doubtful. Why should we rescue those mercenaries out of the blue?

“Boss Ye, those mercenaries seemed to be going in to wreck the place. Do they even need us to rescue them?” the devotee asked.

Nameless Nie and the others didn’t know but Ye Wanwan knew very well how much they needed help; in her previous life, this group of mercenaries was mostly wiped out at this very spot.

There were several highly-trained experts keeping watch inside that factory, awaiting their arrival.

“How troublesome. I don’t want to rescue them,” Spray of Flowers said.

Brick-moving foreigner: “I’m hungry… feel like eating sh*t.”

Iceberg man: “…”

“Each person gets an additional thousand bucks!” Ye Wanwan had no choice but to resort to this.

Spray of Flowers and the devotee’s eyes glistened instantly.

Devotee: “Boss Ye, how do we rescue them?”

Spray of Flowers: “We must save them. How could we simply fold our arms and watch them die? Is this our way of doing things, huh? Wouldn’t it hurt our consciences? How would we sleep at night?”

Brick-moving foreigner: “We must rescue them. This isn’t about the money…”

Nameless Nie: “We’ll listen to boss Ye!”

Iceberg man: “…”

Ye Wanwan stepped forward and told everyone her plan.

At the same time, there was the sound of gunfire followed by a miserable howl coming from the factory.

Not long after, those mercenaries who snuck into the factory were all forced outside.

“You guys dared to come back, huh?”

A middle-aged man looked at the group of mercenaries and sniggered.

“You bastard! You hired us at a high price to obtain that piece of good… after we completed our task and handed it to you, you said you never gave us this task at all and pushed the blame onto us…” The old man looked at the middle-aged man coldly.

“Hng, that’s your stupidity.” The middle-aged man sneered. “Nevermind about that. I can’t be bothered to waste my time speaking to people who are going to die. I’ve hired Li San Ye and Dr. Skeleton – I’d like to see who’ll be the dead one here!”

The middle-aged man turned to a white-haired elderly doctor dressed as a young man and smiled widely. “Gentlemen, I have to trouble the both of you today…”

Upon hearing that, the white-haired elderly man waved. “Since I’ve taken your money, I’ll definitely do the work for you. This group of mercenaries will die here today.”

Seeing these two people, the mercenaries furrowed their brows like they were looking at incoming enemies.

The white-haired elderly was Li San Ye and the young man was Dr. Skeleton – these two people were great and well-known killers.

“Mind your own business!” One of the mercenaries scowled.

However, the moment he said that, Li San Ye was provoked as he raised his hand.

The mercenary had no idea what happened. He started spitting fresh blood from the slap and his body was flung across the room like a broken kite.

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