Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 769 - His master's main concern

Chapter 769: His master’s main concern

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Country Z, Si Corporation:

The meeting ended abruptly and the faces of the top management were indescribable.

Initially, everyone was waiting to watch a good show, but in the end, nobody thought Feng Yi Ping and Si Ming Li would be so embarrassed.

Everybody was sighing incessantly in private.

“I really didn’t expect that the outcome would be like this. If they had gone and bought the batch of goods director Qin reserved, wouldn’t they have lost a fortune?”

“Exactly! Weird, didn’t they say that the woman was an ignorant rich brat? How did she manage to pick such a great material with one glance?”

“Not just that – you guys didn’t see how she was so certain that the goods director Qin reserved were worthless!”

“This woman is really too devilish…”

At the same time, Jin garden:

“It’s done, Mr. Si. Your current condition is pretty good, but you must remember not to slack off and maintain your condition.”

Upstairs, in the bedroom, Sun Bai Cao warned Si Ye Han repeatedly after he was done with the acupuncture session.

“Sorry for the trouble, Dr. Sun.”

“Mr. Si, you’re too kind. If there’s nothing else, I’ll get going.”

After Sun Bai Cao left, Xu Yi, who had been waiting anxiously, asked once again:

“9th master, about matters on Miss Wanwan’s side… are we really not going to do anything about it? Miss Wanwan took quite a big risk this time and there was news from the company that Miss Wanwan made a bet with Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping in front of all the higher-ups in the meeting – she said if she lost the gamble with that rock, she would leave the company and never interfere with the company’s affairs ever again!”

Speaking up to this point, Xu Yi was panicking.

Master finally managed to pave the path for Miss Wanwan – won’t it all go to waste, then?

After all, gambling with jade doesn’t only depend on skill…

Xu Yi was extremely anxious but his master was so calm and composed that there wasn’t the slightest frown on his face.

“Have you ordered the stuff I asked you to prepare?” Si Ye Han asked.

Xu Yi was stunned by that question and only reacted after a long time. He replied, “Uh, I’ve already arranged for the almond cakes from Angelina to be air flown from country F.”

Errr, is that really master’s main concern right now?

Why does he care about cakes at this moment?

Just then, there was a call from the company.

After listening to the speaker, Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

After a very long time, he turned to his master in disbelief. “9th… 9th master… Wan… Miss Wanwan, she…”

“What?” Si Ye Han lifted his eyes.

Xu Yi said excitedly, “The… results are out! That last rock actually had a huge piece of imperial jade! 9th master, you didn’t see Feng Yi Ping and Si Ming Li’s expressions – those two were left with no choice and had to honor their bets in front of everybody…”

At the time, Miss Wanwan was bent on having her way and insisted on buying that pile of rocks from Glittering Jewels Pavilion; everyone thought she was being unreasonable. If not, Feng Yi Ping and Si Ming Li wouldn’t have made this sort of bet with her.

But I didn’t expect Miss Wanwan would win the gamble!

Thinking back, he realized Miss Wanwan was really smart – she knew there was no way she could rattle their base stakes in the gamble with her current power and she would be overreaching herself, so she used this type of joking manner to dampen their drive.

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