Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 770 - Smeared some dog food on my face

Chapter 770: Smeared some dog food on my face

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By doing so, her prestige and opinions in the company would hold more weight and the two of them would no longer be absolutely unrestrained towards her in public unless they were really shameless.

Xu Yi thought about it while he looked at his master. Indeed, BOSS will always be BOSS. Miss Wanwan’s way of handling things is always unreasonable in other people’s eyes, but master never doubted her from the beginning.

The phone started ringing. It was a call from Ye Wanwan.

Si Ye Han answered, “Hello?”

“Quick, praise me, praise me! I want to hear a thousand words! Not a word less, not a word less!” The second the call went through, Ye Wanwan’s voice rang through the receiver.

Xu Yi coughed lightly when he heard the girl’s clear voice from the phone.

A thousand words?

Even if you added up all the words 9th master says in a month, I’m afraid it wouldn’t even hit a thousand words, eh?

Small ripples subtly emerged in Si Ye Han’s eyes as he said, “I’ve ordered the almond cake from Angelina for you. Awaiting your return.”

Ye Wanwan immediately howled, “OW! I love you, I love you! Baby, you’re awesome!”

In the end, she was the one praising him instead…

Actually, Ye Wanwan didn’t like eating almonds in the past but lately, she suddenly started liking them and she simply mentioned it in passing to Si Ye Han. She didn’t expect he would remember.

Ye Wanwan listened to what Si Ye Han said and asked in a doubtful tone, “Uh, darling, can I ask you a question?”

Si Ye Han: “What is it?”

“You actually ordered the cake to celebrate in advance – were you so sure I could do it?” Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but probe.

Si Ye Han looked out the window into the distance and didn’t reply. Instead, he asked her, “So what if you couldn’t?”

Ye Wanwan blinked and blinked again then quickly translated it in her head, “Uh… so… you mean… even if I didn’t succeed, I would still have your help to clear up the mess, so I can do whatever nonsense I want… is that right?”

Si Ye Han: “Kinda.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Kinda?! Just say yes!

Xu Yi’s face was covered in tears as he listened to the conversation between the two of them…

Damn! No wonder BOSS wasn’t worried at all!

This dog food came without warning and is brutally smeared all over my face…

Once Ye Wanwan heard there would be food, she was completely placated and said ecstatically, “It’s going very smoothly on my end – I’ll be returning home as scheduled. Wait for my return and we’ll eat it together eh~”

Uh, actually she wants to eat something else more than the cake…

Myanmar, H city:

The group of five started “fawning” Ye Wanwan.

Nameless Nie: “Famous Ye, this hand of yours is too lucky, huh!”

Devotee: “I don’t dare to call myself a fortune teller anymore!”

Spray of Flowers: “Boss, you’re simply a living deity.”

Brick-moving foreigner: “Boss, you’re wise, amazing, unrivaled and incomparable; your magnificence is unmatched in this generation and you emerged victorious…”

The iceberg man lifted a sign and a number was written on it: six.

Ye Wanwan was speechless – the foreigner was pressured to learn so many Chinese idioms and even the coffin man with terminal lazy cancer wrote the number six.

Ye Wanwan laughed heartily and took out five red packets she had prepared for them. “Things went very smoothly today and I managed to get a high-quality jade. These red packets are for all of you!”

Although these few drama kings were a little over-the-top, they were quite dedicated.

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