Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 768 - Truly an immortal

Chapter 768: Truly an immortal

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Wan He Yun was also extremely excited – Glittering Jewels Pavilion actually mined such a huge piece of imperial jade, so he wouldn’t have to worry about not having any customers in the future anymore.

The humiliation he endured for three years was finally over.

His Glittering Jewels Pavilion could actually produce top-quality jade!

“Who’s the owner of this imperial jade?” a certain expert asked out of curiosity.

The stone was cut open at Hui Cui Workshop, but judging by Hou Mao Feng’s reaction, it didn’t look like it was from his store.

The devotee immediately answered, “Mine, mine! It’s ours! Oh, wrong, it’s our boss’!”

“Congratulations, Miss. I’ve benefited from your discovery and learned a lot today!” The expert smiled and carefully placed his hand down. “Miss, please be careful!”

After obtaining a treasure like this, she really had to be more careful, but with Nameless Nie and the other bodyguards, she shouldn’t encounter any hiccups.

Huang Shi Xin still didn’t want to give up and made a few more cuts but in the end, they still got nothing.

“So how much is my material worth exactly?” Huang Shi Xin howled.

The expert replied helplessly, “About… about 100,000 or so…”

Ye Wanwan sized up his piece of raw stone and sighed. “I already said earlier that there’s nothing in that stone!”

At that moment, Huang Shi Xin stared at the stone that was cut up into parts and was completely dumbfounded.

I lost… the rock completely fell in value…

So what if there was some decent jade in the previous few raw stones?

Just this piece alone is enough to make me lose a fortune!

Embarrassed, Xue Li probed the three experts. “Have all of you looked at it carefully? Is it really imperial jade?”

The three experts exchanged glances and summoned up their courage. “Deputy director Xue, it’s absolutely true…”

“We would never dare to be careless with such matters and I’ve verified it many times just now – it’s indeed imperial jade!”

“It’s been half a year since I’ve seen an imperial jade and that was merely as big as a thumb…”

“As the saying goes, ‘It’s challenging to judge an inch of jade even for deities.’ How exactly did Miss Ye manage to tell that the raw stone from Glittering Jewels Pavilion contained a high-quality jade? It’s unbelievable!”

Those three experts were looking at Ye Wanwan almost like they were looking at a deity.

At that instant, Ye Wanwan turned to the speechless Xue Li and sneered. Then she looked at Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping in the video call.

Currently, all the higher-ups from the Si family were so stunned that they couldn’t say a word.

She relied completely on a guess, managed to get a top-grade imperial jade and it’s such a huge piece…

This… this is insane, huh?!

“Gentleman, isn’t it time to honor our bet?” Ye Wanwan laughed.

“This…” Feng Yi Ping wanted to argue but realized he didn’t have any idea of what to say.

Not only were the top experts from Myanmar present, but there were also three experts from the Si family, so there couldn’t be any doubts.

This darn woman – she’s too lucky!

Everyone in the conference room was a higher-up and Feng Yi Ping had already made that bet. If he backed out, that would be equivalent to giving himself a slap.

But who’d have thought this woman would actually win?

Alas, Feng Yi Ping gritted his teeth. His face turned red and he unwillingly said, “I. AM. A. BASTARD!”

Upon seeing that Feng Yi Ping said it, Si Ming Li’s eyes turned gloomy. “Fine, Ye Wanwan, you win this time… I… I am a bastard…”

Once he said that, the call ended straightaway – their actions were very swift.

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