Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 767 - The true high quality imperial jade

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It was the last piece of rock.

Wang Hu’s fingers were trembling…

But in the end, it was still… a loss…

It was a yellow jade…

It was an extremely ordinary yellow jade worth merely a few hundred dollars…

While Hou Mao Feng’s rock actually had an imperial jade.

“Ye Wanwan, this is what you meant by winning and making profits?! Just calculate how much losses you’ve incurred for the company!”

At the same time, on Xue Li’s screen, Feng Yi Ping raged after seeing that yellow jade.

“Haha, this is hilarious – one of them is worthless junk, while the other is an imperial jade… this is interesting, Ye Wanwan. So when do you intend to fulfill your promise and get the h*ll out of the company?” Si Ming Li sneered.

However, before Ye Wanwan could speak, a couple experts rushed over.

One of the experts holding the flashlight looked carefully at the so-called imperial jade. After verifying it a couple times, he shook his head and said, “This is not an imperial jade!”

Huang Shi Xin’s face instantly fell. “What nonsense are you spewing? If this isn’t an imperial jade, what is it then?”

The expert was quite unhappy about Huang Shi Xin yelling at him and he replied firmly, “This type of material does appear to be very translucent and seems to be a good quality ice or glass-type jade. Especially the floating blue flower type – it really looks similar to the ice or glass type of green jade and is often used to pass off as an excellent quality jade. But there is a vast difference in price…”

At this moment, the experts from the Si family that Ye Wanwan brought along took a closer look as well.

Looking at it again, they realized it was true…

“This… this is truly not an imperial jade…”

They subconsciously believed this piece of stone from Hui Cui Workshop was a high-quality jade and didn’t doubt it at all or inspect it further. They didn’t expect that it was just garbage.

However, it was very hard to determine and even for an experienced person, it was very easy for them to identify the jade incorrectly, not to mention under all the present pressure and chaos.

At this moment, Wang Hu, who had not given up and was still cutting the stone up, suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “MISS YE! BOSS! There is a… a jump in color!”

This so-called jump in color meant that two or more different colors appeared in a piece of stone at the same time.

One of Hou Mao Feng’s experts caught a glimpse of that green shade and rushed over excitedly. “This… this is…”


In just a short while, the expert who identified Hou Mao Feng’s stone turned to the other experts and beckoned them over. “Hurry! Hurry, look at this!”

Those experts quickly stepped forward and shone their flashlights on the rock.

Under the intense light, this piece of material appeared to be a purer shade of green.

“Imperial… imperial jade! This is the true imperial jade!”

Following what the expert said, everyone present stood rooted to the ground.


Hui Cui Workshop got a fake one while Glittering Jewels Pavilion actually got the real deal – the real imperial jade?

How is this possible?

“This is the biggest imperial jade I’ve seen in my entire career. I can’t even estimate how much it’s worth.” A certain expert looked at the huge rock weighing almost 50 kilograms and exclaimed in shock. Even though only a part of the middle portion was jade, it was still unexpected.

“Imperial jade… how could that be?! This is impossible! How could you say that ours isn’t imperial jade and theirs is! My store has been around for so many years – how could I incorrectly identify an imperial jade, huh?” Hou Mao Feng was fuming.

“Boss Hou, this really is imperial jade. If you don’t believe me, take a look at it yourself!” The expert was helpless and thought to himself. Even if you keep your store open for a couple more years, how many times will you get the chance to see imperial jade?

Hou Mao Feng hurriedly went forward to size it up. After the expert made repeated explanations, he had no choice but to believe it…

Hou Mao Feng glared angrily at Ye Wanwan and was so furious that his blood flow was about to go in the other direction.

If it wasn’t for this woman, Wan He Yun’s goods would’ve been his!

Huang Shi Xin was going crazy. He kept interrogating the experts.

“Imperial jade… hahaha, the color actually jumped and it’s an imperial jade!” Wang Hu was so happy that he was dancing for joy.

He actually cut open a stone containing an imperial jade in his lifetime.

And this was top-quality material – it was simply a miracle!

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