Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 766 - One last piece left

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Obviously, Huang Shi Xin, Hou Mao Feng and everyone else didn’t care about Ye Wanwan’s boast and thought she was just jealous.

“Continue! Just cut it open from here!” Hou Mao Feng pointed and instructed the gemcutter confidently.

“Alright, boss!” The gemcutter nodded, rubbed his hands and started to work on this crucial cut.

Everyone’s eyes were on the gemcutter’s hands and the excitement Huang Shi Xin had was completely expressed on his face.

The cutting machine started buzzing…

The gemcutter cut this stone into two then slowly washed the debris off with water.

Finally, the interior of this high-quality stone was displayed fully in front of the crowd.

In the hands of the gemcutter, a dark green material actually emerged. Hou Mao Feng used a flashlight to illuminate it. Under the glaring light, this dark green material was splendid and magnificent.

“Imperial jade?!”

Seeing this, Huang Shi Xin got excited.

Not only Huang Shi Xin, but the gemcutter from Glittering Jewels, Wang Hu, and Wan He Yun were astonished as well.

Imperial jade was one of the most expensive materials in Myanmar’s jade trade and when it was extracted, it was usually only about ten kilograms!

“Get an expert to appraise it!!” Hou Mao Feng hurriedly shouted into the store.

Upon hearing that, a couple staff members immediately left Hui Cui Workshop.

At this moment, the wrath Xue Li and the group of experts felt towards Ye Wanwan was boundless.

This is an imperial jade, eh! And it’s such a huge piece too!

“Hahaha, Miss Ye. I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed once again!” Huang Shi Xin chuckled.

Hou Mao Feng grinned. “I wonder what Miss Ye got from this batch of raw stones?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t entertain Hou Mao Feng and the others. She turned and asked Wan He Yun, “Boss Wan, how many stones are we left with?”

Wan He Yun replied with a ghastly expression, “Left… we’re left with just one piece…”

They cut another piece just now and it was another empty one.

With so many stones, even if they weren’t as good quality as Hui Cui Workshop’s, they had still been carefully selected by him, yet there wasn’t a single decent one.

Perhaps he really wasn’t suitable for this profession…

“Hahaha…” Hou Mao Feng burst out in laughter. “Miss Ye, I think you’re really going home with nothing! Open it up – don’t you have one more? Why aren’t you doing it? Are you scared?”

“Miss Ye…” Wan He Yun didn’t know what to say and felt very guilty.

“There’s still one more, right? Just cut it!” Ye Wanwan said very casually.

“Master Wang, please cut it…” Wan He Yun said weakly.

“Alright.” Wang Hu nodded and began working on it.

This stone was really big, about 50 kilograms heavy. It was a classic black sand rock and it was also the most expensive rock among this pile of rocks.

The machine began to slowly cut the stone that weighed almost 50 kilograms.

Minutes and seconds passed, and the interior of the 50 kilogram stone was gradually revealed before everyone’s eyes.

The second the color of the raw stone was revealed, Wan He Yun’s heart sank all the way to the bottom…

It’s over… it’s empty…

“Hahaha, this woman spoke so confidently before and I was almost convinced there was some exceptional stuff in there. In the end, it was a piece of yellow jade?”

Yellow jade was the lowest grade among all the other jades.

“So, this woman actually spent so much money, yet all she got was a rubbish piece of yellow jade?”

At this moment, the crowd laughed heartily at the jade that came out of that 50-kilogram rock.

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