Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 765: Drastic increase?

Chapter 765: Drastic increase?

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“Be careful – polish it off slowly!” Hou Mao Feng nagged the gemcutter.

The process of opening up the stone was exceptionally crucial – it could cause a good quality stone to be destroyed.

The gemcutter nodded. Even as an experienced cutter, he was still somewhat anxious.

Of course, he was anxious because of his overexcitement; if he managed to get a top-quality jade, his reputation would soar!

The crowd looked at that small window with a beautiful shade of green and they started commenting.

“This has the quality of a glass-type jade. The color is beautiful too!”

“That goes without saying! Jade has to be green and this is the shade of a green apple – the value of it is only second to an imperial jade!”

“If the jade comes out to be a nicer shade of green or an emerald green, even a small piece would be… tsk tsk…”

“A small piece? You’re kidding! High-quality emerald green jade is valued based on their weight; when I went to Hong Kong for an auction before, I saw a small piece for a ring that was almost auctioned at 20 million Hong Kong dollars! H city hasn’t had an emerald green jade for many years now!”

The quality of the jade was usually dependent on their type, color, and transparency.

“Type” referred to the jade’s texture and composition – the more exquisite a jade was, the more translucent it was. Some common terms used in the market were glass type, ice type, waxy type, bean type and more; glass type was the best. Apart from that, jade was also distinguished by the “old” type versus the “new” type. The value of the old type was higher than the new.

As for transparency, even though it was usually said that if a jade was good quality, it’d be more transparent, sometimes the transparency would be affected by the interior of the jade – meaning whether it was clean or cloudy etcetera. So the higher the transparency, the higher its value. For example, the glass type of jade had the highest transparency.

There were various colors of jade – sometimes, just a small color difference could have a price difference of over tenfold. Green jade was further divided into different shades such as emerald green, apple green, greenish-blue and more. Among them, emerald green, which was also known as imperial green, was worth the most.

So it was no wonder that everyone got so excited just by looking at the color of the jade.

Very soon, the gemcutter from Hui Cui Workshop started to cut open the jade…

The gemcutter followed the edge closely and cut the outer layer. Everyone watched eagerly and didn’t even blink, afraid to miss a thing.

“Water!” The gemcutter yelled.

The assistant next to him quickly took some water to wash the surface and the area that was cut was finally revealed to the crowd…

After seeing the raw stone with a portion cut open, the crowd was somewhat disappointed.

Indeed, it wasn’t so easy to get an imperial jade.

The gemcutter continued cutting the raw stone and carefully polished some areas of this giant rock.

In the end, it made the crowd more and more excited.

Although it wasn’t an imperial jade, the few areas he polished were all green…

What does it mean?

It meant this giant rock might be completely filled with jade!

“Although it wasn’t an imperial jade, it’s pretty good already. After all, it’s not so easy to get an imperial jade!”

“Exactly! It’s such a big rock. If it’s filled with jade, how much would it be worth?”

“Hui Cui Workshop has proved itself once again – they’re amazing!”

The eyes of the spectators were glistening.

At this moment, Xue Li looked at Ye Wanwan and discreetly gritted his teeth. He was fuming inside. If it wasn’t for this woman’s interference, this rock, which has drastically risen in value, should be ours!

“Miss Ye, are you satisfied now? How could the stone that director Qin researched and handpicked be wrong!”

The three experts from the Si family shook their heads regretfully. “Ay, what a pity. This material has probably risen in value tenfold and judging by the current situation, with so many green areas, it’s not impossible for the value to increase a hundred times…”

“Hahaha, Miss Ye, I have to thank you for this!” Hearing the comments around him, Huang Shi Xin smiled widely at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan smiled back. “Be careful, there might be nothing inside when you cut it open, oh!”

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