Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 764: Seems like you’re not lucky

Chapter 764: Seems like you’re not lucky

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Probably because he wanted to have a good start, the piece of rock in Wang Hu’s hands seemed the best among the batch.

Green ring with a black python belt – this appearance meant there was a high chance of getting a green jade inside…

Under everyone’s eager gazes, Wang Hu carefully polished off a small window at the top.

It was green.

Everyone’s eyes lit up…

Seeing that green color and transparency, it seemed quite promising.

Wan He Yun’s heart was in his throat. He hurriedly reminded the gemcutter, “Be careful! Cut from an angle at this position!”

Wang Hu nodded and continued cutting…

In the end, Wan He Yun’s face turned pale in the next second. The moment the knife went through, it was completely empty and everything was white with just that thin and small piece of green jade at the top.

“HAHAHA… there’s nothing inside at all – it’s truly a raw stone from Glittering Jewels Pavilion…”

“You really have to believe in the heresy even if you don’t want to, huh! I wonder why she acted so rashly and rejected Hui Cui Workshop’s stones and insisted on buying Wan He Yun’s unlucky raw stones!”

Everyone couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh.

Having his store opened for so many years, Wan He Yun was already used to such situations. Especially in recent years, his store had very lousy luck. But at this moment, Wan He Yun was extremely disappointed.

“Miss Ye, I’m sorry…”

Just then, a shocking exclamation came from Huang Shi Xin’s side again——

“One more revealed! There’s one more revealed!”

Shortly after, Hui Cui Workshop’s gemcutter managed to get a good jade and it was a rare red jadeite.

Seeing Hui Cui Workshop getting two pieces of high-quality jade, the crowd was in an uproar.

The faces of those higher-ups and elders turned ashen as they watched the scene from Xue Li’s video call.

The cutting continued.

One stone after another was cut open. The harvest from Hui Cui Workshop was bountiful and Huang Shi Xin got his assistant to give out red packets to the crowd.

Meanwhile, over at Ye Wanwan’s side, the gemcutter from Glittering Jewels Pavilion and Wan He Yun looked quite upset. Up until then, they only managed to get half a piece of flawed yellow jade.

The results from Hou Mao Feng’s side were as expected and he sneered. “Haha, seems like you’re not as lucky as you said you were, Miss Ye.”

At that moment, Hou Mao Feng and Ye Wanwan only had one or two stones left – the outcome would soon be revealed.

After half an hour, the crowd was in an uproar.

Huang Shi Xin was about to start cutting the last raw stone he had. It was the raw stone from Hui Ka that Ye Wanwan rejected before.

That piece of stone had a small window already and there was a high chance it contained a top-quality jade…

Ye Wanwan also had two stones left and if she still didn’t get any decent jade, it would mean she lost all her money.

At this moment, even the gemcutter on Ye Wanwan’s side couldn’t help but stop cutting and look over at Hou Mao Feng’s side.

The other raw stones from Hou Mao Feng’s side simply served as a foil; the main highlight was actually this piece of Hui Ka stone.

“Boss Huang, what do you think? Should we start cutting this final piece now?” Hou Mao Feng didn’t even care about Ye Wanwan anymore. This piece of rock was more important.

Huang Shi Xin rubbed his hands excitedly. “Yes yes yes, please go ahead!”

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