Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 763: A cut poorer, a cut richer

Chapter 763: A cut poorer, a cut richer

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Upon hearing that, Wan He Yun nodded and said, “Miss Ye, don’t worry about that. I’ll definitely get the best gemcutter from my store over for you.”

With that, Wan He Yun left Hui Cui Workshop.

At this moment, the crowd was discussing amongst themselves. This woman from the Si family might have suffered a blow to her head!

Even though this batch of goods from Hui Cui Workshop was expensive, they mostly had an open window.

This so-called open window meant that a small portion of the raw stone was polished off and through that window, customers could determine the color and some details about what was inside the stone.

The batch of goods from Wan He Yun was mostly a gamble – the raw stones hadn’t gone through any treatment and nobody knew what they contained.

One of them was a gamble with the highest risk while the other had an open window with a much lower risk. Nobody knew where this woman got her confidence from to the point where she was so certain her raw stones would definitely beat Hui Cui Workshop’s raw stones that had an open window.

While Ye Wanwan waited, Huang Shi Xin started to cut the rock open.

“Boss Huang, it’s opened!”

It was only the first raw stone and the gemcutter delivered good news.

“Boss Huang! Congratulations, congratulations! Fully green icy jade – it’s a great type with a good degree of transparency. It’s not too small either – you’ll be able to make at least ten bracelets and use the leftovers to make a couple of decorations! You’ve made a profit!”

The gemcutter had already cut the first raw stone open and managed to obtain pretty decent jade from it.

Upon seeing this, Huang Shi Xin was in a very good mood. Even Hou Mao Feng was filled with glee and the customers gathered around exclaiming in admiration as well.

“Hui Cui Workshop is truly Hui Cui Workshop – they’re truly the store with the highest probability of getting a green jade in H city!”

“Exactly, Hui Cui Workshop is our H city’s pride and glory!”

“Tsk tsk, this amount of money turned over ten times in just the blink of an eye! No wonder people said that gambling in stones makes you either a cut poorer or a cut richer…”

“I’d like to see what sort of material the Si family will be able to get from their stones!”

After seeing Hui Cui Workshop getting a decent jade, the crowd started to get excited and discussed amongst themselves.

At this moment, Wan He Yun hurriedly brought the best gemcutter from his store over to Hui Cui Workshop.

The two of them rushed over and immediately watched the great revealing of the raw stone Huang Shi Xin bought.

A hint of sadness flashed across Wan He Yun’s eyes and he looked at Ye Wanwan with worry.

The gemcutter who came with Wan He Yun was about 60 years old. Since the store hadn’t been doing very well, he hadn’t cut any raw stones for a very long time. When he heard his boss had made a transaction, he was way more excited than anyone else.

Every gemcutter’s dream was to cut open a raw stone that contained good jade.

“Hello, Miss Ye, I’m the gemcutter, Wang Hu.” The elderly man looked at Ye Wanwan and smiled politely.

“Hello, Master Wang, sorry to trouble you this time.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

“How about it, Miss Ye? Can we start now? Everybody can’t wait to see what amazing material you’re going to get from this batch of top-quality stones, eh!” Hou Mao Feng ridiculed her.

“Of course. The gemcutter is already here,” Ye Wanwan said plainly.

“Miss Ye, shall we start right now?” The gemcutter from Glittering Jewels asked Ye Wanwan for instructions.

“Sure, go ahead,” Ye Wanwan replied.

Following what Ye Wanwan said, the gemcutter started his job.

Xue Li, the group of experts, Hou Mao Feng, Huang Shi Xin and everyone else had their eyes glued to the raw stone in Wang Hu’s hands.

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