Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 762: Don’t need to consider anymore

Chapter 762: Don’t need to consider anymore

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Feng Yi Ping: “You…”

However, Si Ming Li looked straight at Ye Wanwan and said, “Fine, I’ll bet with you, but if you lose, you must leave the company!”

“Sure. If I win, you have to act according to what I said and if I lose, I’ll leave the company and never interfere with the company’s affairs ever again.” Ye Wanwan slapped the table and finalized the bet.

“Alright then, I’ll bet with you too!” Feng Yi Ping said.

This woman doesn’t know a thing about gambling in stones and actually dared to spout nonsense here – she’s humiliating herself!

Even that top-notch expert in the jade trade didn’t dare to slap his chest and brag he would definitely make profits, much less a rookie.

After all, trading in jade required 30% skill and 70% luck.

At this moment, Hou Mao Feng and Xue Li looked astonished.

They didn’t expect that even the elders and board of directors in the Si family wouldn’t be able to control this woman…

However, Hou Mao Feng watched as if it was all a joke. Anyway, it was the Si family humiliating themselves – it didn’t have anything to do with him at all.

“Xue Li, don’t turn off the video call. I’d like to see how this Miss Ye is going to win.”

In the video call, a certain higher-up from the Si family sneered.

“Alright.” Xue Li nodded and agreed.

Currently, there were more and more people gathered around. Hui Cui Workshop was completely surrounded.

Spray of Flowers, the devotee, and the others stood excessively close to Ye Wanwan as if she was at risk of being killed.

“Boss Wan, I want this batch of raw stones. Is it convenient for us to trade right now?” Ye Wanwan turned to Wan He Yun.

“This… Miss Ye, don’t you need to consider it further…?” Wan He Yun sighed.

Wan He Yun said that although he really wanted to earn this money. If he could sell them at their original price, he would be able to clear his high-interest loans and even have some extra money for his operating fund. With this, his jade store would be able to operate steadily for at least two years or so…

But Wan He Yun could see Ye Wanwan’s situation very clearly.

Even he didn’t have high expectations for this batch of raw stones, not to mention the top management and elders of the Si family. In all honesty, just from the looks and quality of the stones, they were much lower in quality compared to Hui Cui Workshop…

“I don’t need to consider anymore. Is it possible to finalize the deal right now?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Sure…” Wan He Yun nodded.

Since Ye Wanwan got the green light, she didn’t want to waste any more time and immediately settled the deal with Wan He Yun.

After about a minute, the transaction of this batch of raw stones was over.

As for Huang Shi Xin, he already proceeded with the purchase of raw stones from Hui Cui Workshop – the raw stones Qin Ruo Xi reserved beforehand were all bought by Huang Shi Xin.

Hou Mao Feng turned to Ye Wanwan and sneered, “Miss Ye, you’re actually so confident, huh? Why don’t you cut the stone up in my store – I can offer you the gemcutter from my store. I would really like to see what amazing stuff you’ll get from this batch of raw stones you bought from Wan He Yun!”

“Of course that’s fine, but forget about the gemcutter from your Hui Cui Workshop. If he cuts into my high-quality material, I’m afraid you won’t be able to compensate me.” Ye Wanwan laughed.

“Haha… you think you’ll get a high-quality material from this rubbish… Miss Ye, I think you didn’t have a good sleep last night and you’re now daydreaming.” Hou Mou Feng’s eyes were filled with disdain.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t be bothered with Hou Mao Feng and simply turned to Wan He Yun. “Boss Wan, please ask your store’s gemcutter to come over.”

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