Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 761: Why don't we make a bet?

Chapter 761: Why don't we make a bet?

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"Ay, chairman Si was too careless. How could someone like her be the future mistress of the household?!"

"Haha!" Si Ming Li sneered. "So what? As long as our master Si is happy, it's fine."

The white-haired elder, Si Ming Rong, snarled, "Ming Li, what nonsense are you speaking?!"

Si Ming Li looked at the white-haired elder. "Second brother, what can I say, huh? I merely made a few comments about that woman before and master broke both of my son's legs. So what do you want me to say right now? If I said anything awful about her, I'm afraid my life would be over, eh."

Si Ming Rong looked at Feng Yi Ping. "Tell Xue Li to pass the phone to the woman!"

Feng Yi Ping nodded and replied after some time, "That woman refused..."

Upon hearing that, the entire conference room was in chaos. She's so daring, huh?!

"If she doesn't want to answer the call, just get Xue Li to make it a video call," Si Ming Li said.


At Fei Cui Workshop, Ye Wanwan was seated at the side and Xue Li stood in front of her with the phone pointed towards her.


A loud voice bellowed from the phone receiver.

Upon hearing this, Ye Wanwan looked at the screen and saw the top management of the Si family.

At the moment, Xue Li and Hou Mao Feng were gloating and yearning for a good show. Who does she think she is? She infuriated the top management of the Si family. Let's see how she's going to clean up this mess!

"Why aren't you guys focused on your meeting? All of you have nothing better to do and insist on having a video call with me, huh?" Ye Wanwan looked at the higher-ups in the video call and laughed sarcastically.

"Ye Wanwan, you're gutsy! Miss Qin Ruo Xi already made an agreement with Hui Cui Workshop beforehand, yet an outsider like you, who doesn't know a single thing, ruined it. You're hurting the company's reputation!" Feng Yi Ping raged and shouted at her.

As a member of the board of directors, he had the power to advise against her even if she was the mistress of the household. Anyway, Ye Wanwan wasn't even the mistress of the household yet.

"Since Ah-Jiu believes in me and entrusted me with this task, I'll definitely do my best. Since all of you aren't happy, just go look for your master outright. Why are you guys talking to me?" Ye Wanwan said calmly.

"You... what did you say?!" Feng Yi Ping gritted his teeth.

"Haha, I already said that since Ah-Jiu wants to play, let him be. Anyway, he doesn't care about this bit of money at all. Just treat it as giving to a beggar," Si Ming Li sneered in the video call.

Ye Wanwan immediately looked at Si Ming Li and said in a surprised tone, "Fourth great uncle, why are you here too? I thought you would be at home taking care of your crippled son, eh."

Following that, Si Ming Li stood up instantly. "Ye Wanwan... you really think you're so smart, huh? What you're doing now will harm the interests of everyone in the Si family. Are you able to take responsibility for the consequences?!"

"Ye Wanwan, if you refuse to listen to orders, you'll have to take responsibility for all the consequences. When you return from Myanmar, even Ah-Jiu might not be able to protect you this time!" Si Ming Rong spoke in his capacity of the Si family's head of the prosecution hall.

"I have no problem with that at all... since all of you think I'll lose in the gamble, why don't we make a bet?"

"What would you like to bet with?" Feng Yi Ping knitted his brows.

"If I make a profit this time, the participants will have to call themselves a cuckold and bastard. Who's in?" Ye Wanwan said after she considered for some time.

"Nonsense!" Feng Yi Ping yelled.

"You don't dare, huh?" Ye Wanwan raised her brows.

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