Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 756: The person she had been waiting for has appeared

Chapter 756: The person she had been waiting for has appeared

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The shop assistant roared in fury, "Damn! All you scoundrels! Trying to pick a fight, huh?"

Huang Shi Xin watched this drama unfolding before him and he laughed without restraint. "Boss Hou, don't waste your time on these weird people. Why don't we talk about this batch of goods?"

"Since the Si family doesn't want it anymore, why don't you sell it to me instead? Of course, I know there's a snaking queue of people yearning for this batch of goods, but boss Hou, you should know very well how sincere I am and I'll definitely offer a price that you'll be satisfied with!"

Seeing that the time was right, Huang Shi Xin finally revealed his true intentions and instructed his companion with a meaningful glance.

Behind him, a few men dressed in black came over. "Click click click." They opened a couple of large suitcases. Inside, it was filled with American dollars.

In the precious stones trade, payment was made on the spot - both cheques and transfers of funds were fine, but there were many businessmen who liked using cash directly.

Huang Shi Xin had even prepared the money - it was obvious he came prepared.

The three experts from the Si family were in despair at this moment. "Deputy director Xue, what should we do now? Should we make a phone call to the HQ?"

Xue Li's eyes lit up. "No need. Remember, this is her being willful and it has nothing to do with us at all..."

The three of them looked at each other and seemed to understand what Xue Li was trying to say.

With Xue Li's act of complicity, Huang Shi Xin signed the bill eagerly.

Right now, this batch of goods officially belonged to Huang Shi Xin and there was no chance of rectifying this situation.

Watching Huang Shi Xin buying this batch of goods right before his eyes, Eleven couldn't help but worry. "Miss Wanwan, now that Huang Shi Xin has the raw stones, what about our mission...?"

"There's no rush..." Ye Wanwan was calm and collected like she was waiting for someone.

"Hey, why are all of you still here if you're not buying anything?" The shop assistant from Hui Cui Workshop couldn't tolerate this anymore.

At first, Huang Shi Xin thought he had no chance at all, but in the end, he managed to get what he wanted. He was elated and smiled at the shop assistant. "Haha, you don't have to be mad. Let them stay as long as they want! They can see for themselves how I managed to get the top-grade jadeite in boss Hou's store!"

Hou Mao Feng proudly said, "Ah Cai, bring the best gemcutter over!"

The buyer could find a gemcutter themselves, but most of them let the store's gemcutter cut stones on the spot.

"Yes, boss!" The shop assistant immediately went upstairs.

Since there was quite a commotion at the shop, it attracted a crowd.

Eleven was worrying by the side while Huang Shi Xin and Hou Mao Feng were engaged in a lively chat.

Right then, a middle-aged man wearing a grey changshan [1] came walking into the store with a young assistant pushing a trailer of rocks.

"Boss Huang! I've brought the stuff you wanted!" After entering, the man dressed in grey bowed slightly and spoke humbly.

Before Huang Shi Xin could speak, Hou Mao Feng raised his brows and said with a look of mockery, "Oh, what do you treat me as, huh? Isn't this boss Wan, the owner of Glittering Jewels Pavilion? What's the matter? You're selling stones at my Hui Cui Workshop now, huh?"

When the man in grey heard Hou Mao Feng's mocking tone, his expression changed slightly but he kept it in and continued speaking to Huang Shi Xin, "Boss Huang, why don't you inspect the goods?"

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