Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 755: The short skit of the group of five

Chapter 755: The short skit of the group of five

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Hou Mao Feng scoffed and a hint of darkness appeared in his eyes, "Haha, seems like we don't have anything more to discuss! Ah Cai, see them out!"

So what if she was sent by the Si family? She was courting death and furthermore, she was just a lover of the Si family master. He, Hou Mao Feng, wouldn't bother to give face to someone like her.

Since she didn't want face, he couldn't be blamed for not giving it to her.

The shop assistant immediately waved and a group of big and strong men aggressively walked over to Ye Wanwan.

In the precious stones trade, over 10 to 100 million dollars was always circulating on the street, so almost every shop had their own security, not to mention a shop of Hui Cui Workshop's size.

Before Eleven could do anything, Nameless Nie and his gang had already rushed over to Ye Wanwan and took confrontational stances with the big men who seemed very well-trained.

Nameless Nie raised his brows. "Tsk, I'd like to see who dares to touch our boss."

Devotee: "How dare you! Our boss stays here as long as she likes!"

Spray of Flowers: "Atrocious! Our boss is giving you face even if she decides to live here!"

Brick-moving foreigner: "Little Flower and devotee are right!"

Iceberg man: "...!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

She seriously suspected these people hadn't watched bodyguard movies but rather, short skits since they were echoing each other like that.

Hou Mao Feng's face was filled with anger. "Tsk, nobody dares to cause a ruckus here at my Hui Cui Workshop. I'd like to see what abilities you guys have!"

After receiving instructions from Hou Mao Feng, one of the bulky fighters immediately looked at the iceberg man, the weakest person among the group of five.

Iceberg man was too lazy to even speak, much less fight. At this moment, he stood there without moving at all, allowing the fighter to attack him.

Ye Wanwan panicked when she saw this. After all, she only knew the devotee and Spray of Flowers were skillful; she couldn't speak for the others' abilities.

However, maybe this coffin-faced man might have some hidden talents?

That thought had just crossed Ye Wanwan's mind when the iceberg man moved. The moment the fighter touched his body, a loud "bang" resounded as he fell backward...

Following that, Spray of Flowers rushed over and pounced on the iceberg man. "Aiyo! Murder! Murder!"

The devotee stared at those people, heartbroken. "In broad daylight, bright as the sun and moon, this conniving hoodlum actually hurt someone like that - this will not be the end of it!"

Spray of Flowers: "Either go to jail! Or compensate us!"

Ye Wanwan's jaw dropped as she watched this exquisite performance of "faking an accident to swindle compensation." "..."

"Bullsh*t! I merely touched him!" The fighter burst into anger.

Anyway, he knew the other party was from the Si family and he just wanted to scare them a little - how could he really hit him?

"Get lost! Bunch of scoundrels! Are you trying to extort money from us?!" The shop assistant rushed over in a huff and touched the iceberg man's neck. He was about to expose them, but his face changed drastically. "Really... he's really not breathing..."

"What did you say?" Hou Mao Feng's expression changed.

Devotee: "Are you still not going to compensate us?!"

Spray of Flowers: "Compensate us! With his looks and build, you must pay us 100 million at least!"

Nameless Nie glared at the both of them. "Trying to rebel?"

The devotee hurriedly said, "No, no! We were just giving them a scare! We are decent bodyguards - we don't scam people!"

Spray of Flowers: "Dead man, what are you waiting for? Get up!"

Iceberg man: "..."

The man on the floor laid still, obviously very satisfied with his current position.

Spray of Flowers: "Great, he's too comfortable and happy in that position again..."

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