Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 757: Treat it as charity

Chapter 757: Treat it as charity

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Huang Shi Xin gazed indifferently at the pile of rocks and said in an annoyed manner, "I've already bought boss Hou's goods; I don't need yours anymore. Bring your goods back - don't get in the way of opening my stones."

Huang Shi Xin immediately turned to Hou Mao Feng to explain, "Boss Hou, don't be offended by this. Before, you wanted to sell your goods to the Si family, right? I really couldn't get my hands on any goods and coincidentally, Wan He Yun's store was in a rush to push their goods out, so their prices were really low. Therefore, I accepted their offer!"

The moment Wan He Yun heard that he knew exactly what was going on - Huang Shi Xin had already discussed the prices with him and even got him to deliver the goods over. But now, he wanted to back out on the deal because he bought Hou Mao Feng's goods.

Hou Mao Feng shook his head and said to Huang Shi Xin, "Boss Huang, no offense, but how could you accept such rubbish goods?"

Huang Shi Xin sighed. "Ay, his prices were low and we had friendly relations with one another before. He kept begging me to buy from him, so I pitied him and just treated it as charity!"

Hou Mao Feng chuckled. "Boss Huang, you can't put it that way - everyone knows Glittering Jewels Pavilion hasn't produced a single decent jade for almost three years. It's not like you had no idea how unlucky their goods are, yet you still had the guts to accept them. Aren't you afraid of losing a fortune and even being infected by their bad luck, huh?"

Currently, a few businessmen and tourists started whispering among themselves when they heard what Hou Mao Feng said.

"Who is this man? Boss Hou said the goods in his store are unlucky - what did he mean by that?"

"You don't know him? He's the owner of Glittering Jewels Pavilion, Wan He Yun. Previously, Glittering Jewels Pavilion was considered quite popular in H city. It was comparable to Hui Cui Workshop but too bad, Wan He Yun was unlucky. The stones in his store haven't produced a decent piece of jade in almost three years and nobody dares to go to his store for raw stones now..."

"Exactly. Everybody knows Glittering Jewels Pavilion hasn't produced any quality jade for three years. They're very unlucky, and whoever bets on them will lose! Boss Huang really was doing charity!"

If a precious stones trade store didn't produce any decent jade for a long time, obviously nobody would want to visit it.

On the contrary, if a store incidentally produced a top-quality jade, it might have a sudden boom in business with an endless stream of customers. After all, everyone wanted to have good luck and make profits.

A store like Glittering Jewels Pavilion that hadn't produced any good jade would have no customers even if the quality of materials was the same as other stores because people would want to avoid getting bad luck.

Listening up to this point, Ye Wanwan paused and her eyes twinkled slightly.

Glittering Jewels Pavilion... Wan He Yun?

Wan He Yun's face turned pale as he listened to these nasty comments.

Huang Shi Xin sounded like he was doing charity but in actual fact, Wan He Yun sold this batch of goods to him at a loss - he only charged him 70% of the price. Huang Shi Xin had gotten the goods at a bargain. Otherwise, he wouldn't have wanted them at all.

As for Hou Mao Feng, these two stores had always been rivals. Many years ago, Hou Mao Feng was selling counterfeit goods and was exposed by him on the spot. Since then, it had caused a hatred and desire for revenge.

All these years, Hou Mao Feng had been trying to obstruct his business. Along with the fact that he was pretty unlucky and didn't have a single decent jade produced from his store, his business started to dwindle.

Today, Glittering Jewels Pavilion was an arrow at the end of its flight and it was hard for them to hold it together...

Hou Mao Feng sneered, "Wan He Yun, you actually disregarded your conscience and sold these lousy stones to boss Huang - don't you have any professional ethics at all?"

Huang Shi Xin knew Hou Mao Feng wasn't on good terms with Wan He Yun. Since he had just signed a big deal with Hou Mao Feng, he didn't mind doing him a favor.

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