Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 750: Lose her life savings

Chapter 750: Lose her life savings

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When Xue Li saw that Hou Mao Feng wasn't going to give in, he glanced unpleasantly at Ye Wanwan.

If she hadn't forcefully snatched this task away from Qin Ruo Xi, this wouldn't have happened.

At this moment, the three experts were anxious. They took turns trying to persuade Hou Mao Feng, but he was completely unmoved.

The three of them seemed to blame Ye Wanwan for it and said, "Boss Hou, this batch of raw stones is indeed very rare - I saw a fraction of what the stone may contain through the small window that was polished off and it's top-quality glass jade! It's highly possible that it will be a jadeite of the highest quality or be fully green!"

"It's not only boss Huang but even our competitor is fighting for it; it took a great deal of effort from director Qin to convince Hou Mao Feng to reserve it for us - I'm afraid all her efforts are going down the drain, huh!"

"She shouldn't brag about her abilities if she doesn't even have them! Does she really think that by having connections with chairman Si, everyone will give her face?"


Xue Li and the three experts took turns negotiating with Hou Mao Feng while Ye Wanwan didn't participate in it at all and sat calmly in the corner, sipping her tea.

Ye Wanwan's nonchalant attitude made Xue Li and the others hopping mad.

Watching this situation unfold, Eleven started to worry. "Miss Wanwan, do you want me to contact housekeeper Xu and ask him for some backup? Maybe boss Hou will give us some face then..."

Ye Wanwan placed her teacup down and said casually, "No need for that."

On the other side, Hou Mao Feng wasn't going to give in, so Xue Li gave Qin Ruo Xi a call.

"Boss Hou, please give me a moment, I'll call our director Qin..."

Xue Li said something to Qin Ruo Xi over the phone and seemed to relax a little. After that, she walked over to Hou Mao Feng. "Boss Hou, our director Qin will speak to you personally..."

Hou Mao Feng took the phone and there was a drastic change in his attitude. "Hello, Miss Qin. Didn't we agree that you would be coming down personally to check the goods? Why was there a sudden change? It's such an important matter - how could I simply hand it to someone else? Do you think this is reasonable at all?"

"Oh, Miss Qin, what are you saying? How could I not give you face! Alright then, since you put it this way, I obviously don't have any issues on my side..."

Hou Mao Feng chatted with Qin Ruo Xi for about ten minutes before hanging up.

Xue Li walked over quickly. "Boss Hou, so...?"

Hou Mao Feng put on airs and said reluctantly, "Since Miss Qin gave me her word, I obviously don't have any issues. Follow me to view the goods then!"

"Sure, sure. Sorry to trouble you, boss Hou!" Xue Li heaved a sigh of relief.

The three experts smiled. "Sure enough, Miss Qin has her ways..."

"Ay, when we came down with Miss Qin in the past, we never had so many issues! Now we have to tolerate boss Hou's bad mood!"

Shortly after, Hou Mao Feng got some people to move the raw stone Qin Ruo Xi reserved.

The shop assistant pulled two trailers over. One of them had a couple of rocks on it, each weighing around ten catties, while the other trailer had a single large boulder which weighed over a hundred catties.

There were only two things to look for when gambling in precious stones - first, the type of rock, commonly known as the grade of the raw stone, and secondly, the origin of the raw stone.

Generally, if it looked good and came from a reliable origin, there was usually a higher chance of it being green.

And the only way to determine this was through experience.

Ye Wanwan did some homework lately and could tell this material came from the Hui Ka origin - most materials that originated from there were like gray elephant skin.

Oh, so it was this piece of rock - the rock that caused Qin Ruo Xi to lose her life savings...

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