Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 751: Who said I wanted it?

Chapter 751: Who said I wanted it?

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Hui Ka was one of the largest mines and it was also an old one. It had very few reserves at present which made the large boulder even rarer.

What was rarer was that not only did this boulder have many black spots, but there was also a distinct green python belt running through it.

There was a saying that went like this: 'Green comes with the black,' which meant that raw stones with black spots on them had a much higher chance of containing green jade.

As for the "python," the majority of them were formed from hard jade minerals that made up the jadeite. Hence, it often protruded and formed a multi-colored belt.

There were many different kinds of python belts and each kind represented the type of jade that might appear. But as long as there was a python belt, it meant there was indeed jadeite inside.

Looking proud, Hou Mao Feng pointed at the two piles of stones and explained delightfully, "I spent a large amount of money to clean this pile of black sand. For this big one here, you can already see a tiny window; for those who are in the know, I don't have to say much about it. You may go ahead and take a look at it - it's a fantastic stone that originated from Hui Ka, so it's absolutely one of the finest materials! If it wasn't for Miss Qin, I would've kept it for myself!"

Xue Li cupped his hands to show his appreciation. In fear of any more misfortunes, he hastily asked, "Thank you, boss Hou! Boss Hou, just name us a price, and we'll deal with payment immediately!"

Hou Mao Feng reluctantly asked his shop assistant to bring the account book over and negotiated the price with Xue Li and the group of experts.

The devotee suddenly appeared in front of Ye Wanwan. He leaned towards her and said, "Boss, I think they're ignoring you!"

Spray of Flowers: "Boss, should we teach them a little lesson? A punch for only $88!"

Nameless Nie coughed and the two of them instantly retreated without a word.

Nameless Nie said, "Famous Ye, just let us know if you need us to do something. Although we can't use any weapons or resort to violence, we still have many other ways of getting back at them."

Ye Wanwan chuckled softly. "Ha, it's alright, thank you."

Ignore me? I'm afraid that's impossible.

Without her signature, the money wouldn't be paid out.

After a very long negotiation, they were finally done.

Xue Li brought the bill over to Ye Wanwan and said directly, "Miss Ye, everything has been settled. You just have to sign here!"

Behind him, Hou Mao Feng still looked very unwilling. "I agreed to do this for the sake of Miss Qin this time; if you casually bring other people here again, I won't be so easy-going!"

"No problem, boss Hou! No problem!"

"Miss Ye, hurry up! This is a top-quality raw stone. The price is very fair and there are so many people interested, but boss Hou didn't sell it to them!"

Ye Wanwan casually took a sip of tea and placed her teacup on the table lightly. Then her eyes swept across Xue Li and the others who were rushing her to sign the bill, including the reluctant Hou Mao Feng, and she said indifferently, "Sign? Sign what?"

Xue Li's face turned gloomy. "Obviously this bill to purchase the raw stone!"

Ye Wanwan knitted her brows. "Who said... I'm buying these raw stones?"

Upon hearing what Ye Wanwan said, everyone was stunned.

Xue Li's face was completely black. "Miss Ye, what do you mean? You're not buying it?"

Ye Wanwan smiled faintly and said slowly, "From the beginning, you guys were the only ones who wanted to buy it and it was also you, deputy director Xue, who insisted on coming to this store. I merely followed you to take a look. Who said I want to buy from this store?"

Xue Li was in complete disbelief. "You..."

Hou Mao Feng's expression changed completely. "Xue Li, what is the meaning of this?! After so many hours here, all of you were just fooling with me!?"

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