Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 749: Brutal

Chapter 749: Brutal

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"Please take a seat here. Our boss has been waiting for all of you, so I'll go get him right away!" The shop assistant asked someone to make tea while he jogged upstairs to get his boss.

Ye Wanwan noticed the devotee's eyes were sparkling from the beginning.

"Want to give it a go?" Ye Wanwan laughed.

Nameless Nie glanced at the devotee and said sternly, "We prohibit all sorts of gambling."

The devotee echoed, "You're joking. How could a graceful and refined person like me be interested in gambling?!"

Brick-moving foreigner scratched his head and asked, "Aren't we shady people?"

Spray of Flowers smiled widely. "Little sweetie, what nonsense are you talking about?!"

Ye Wanwan burst out in laughter. When it came to trading in precious stones, it was 30% skill and 70% luck; apart from having experience, luck was also very important.

As for her, she probably didn't have either. She only started to cram relevant information into her head recently. She didn't have a drop of luck and this was a brutal business.

In order to prevent the five of them from goofing around, Ye Wanwan instructed them to have some tea by the side and avoid doing anything without her instructions.

After waiting for some time, a man in his forties or fifties dressed in a brown Tang suit walked down the stairs.

When he saw Xue Li and the group of experts, the boss of Hui Cui Workshop smiled and cupped his hands. "Mr. Xue, it's been a long time since we last met! You came all the way here - please excuse me for not coming down sooner!"

Xue Li smiled and said politely, "Boss Hou, we've known each other for some time already. You don't have to be so formal with me!"

After Xue Li and the group of experts greeted the boss, the boss glanced behind Xue Li and asked with a doubtful look, "Where is Miss Qin? Why didn't she come along with you this time?"

Xue Li glanced plainly at Ye Wanwan and introduced her to the boss, "For this trip, we have our chairman's assistant with us, Ye Wanwan - Miss Ye! Miss Ye, this is the owner of the biggest store for trading precious stones, Hui Cui Workshop. This is Hou Mao Feng or boss Hou!"

"Boss Hou!" Ye Wanwan greeted him.

Hou Mao Feng sized Ye Wanwan up and didn't look too happy. "Mr. Xue, I've always worked with Miss Qin, so why was there a sudden change? I've reserved this batch of goods only for the sake of Miss Qin and even when boss Huang came over personally to ask for it, I didn't give it to him! Now, you casually brought another person here and want to pick up the goods just like that?"

Eleven and Feng Xuan Yi didn't look too happy either when Hou Mao Feng suddenly made a fuss.

What does he mean by casually bringing another person here?

Eleven said sternly, "Boss Hou, this is the future mistress of the Si household. Are you saying it's not enough that she came down personally?"

Hou Mao Feng sat down, held a cup of tea and used the tea lid to lightly brush the tea leaves inside. Then he spoke arrogantly, "I reserved this batch of goods for Miss Qin; I won't allow anyone else to collect it."

Future mistress of the household? I've heard about her and even if she's gotten favor by relying on her looks and coaxing people, how long can she last? How can she compare to the deep and long relations the Qin family has with the Si family?

One of them is the genuine mistress of the household while the other is just a casual lover - how are they the same?

Furthermore, the jade trade in Myanmar is my turf; even the Si family has to give me face when they show up here.

If they want the best raw stones, they can only get them from me.

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