Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 737: Building forces

Chapter 737: Building forces

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Seeing her man still being sluggish and in a daze, the middle-aged woman shoved him. "Are you a man?! Your wife got beaten by him - what are you still standing there for?!"

"You b*tch!!" The middle-aged man returned to his senses and cursed at her before punching her to the ground.

"Haha..." Ma Bing stared at the middle-aged man. "Old pal Zhou, you're amazing. You have a knack for doing things, huh? Now, you dared to even offend the mistress of the household, Miss Ye. In the future, you'll be my big brother. I'll be your humble little brother and let you order me around - what do you think about that? Isn't that fantastic?"

Hearing that, the middle-aged man started sweating profusely. He didn't expect that this woman would actually be the Si family's lady of the household!

If he had known, he wouldn't have dared to offend her at all even if he had a hundred guts!

"Miss Ye! Miss Ye, I didn't know... Miss Ye, you're generous and forgiving. If I had known about your identity, I wouldn't have dared to do that even if you gave me 100,000 guts..."

Panicking, the middle-aged man fell to the ground and went on his knees. He crawled to Ye Wanwan and stuttered.

"Get lost!"

One of the Dark Team guards kicked him aside.

"You used the Si family's name and tried to crush all of us. You're so daring that you even dared to kick down Miss Ye's door, huh?" Another Dark Team guard sneered at the middle-aged man.

"Why don't we do this? I will deal with this person here and this group of scumbags." Ma Bing swept his gaze across the dozen young gangsters who were as silent as cicadas in the winter.

"Sorry to trouble you again." Ye Wanwan nodded slightly but didn't know whether to laugh or cry in her heart.

Ye Wanwan didn't expect to encounter such a thing in H city, not to mention someone working under Xu Yi...

"Miss Ye, don't mention it. It was my fault for not noticing earlier." Ma Bing sighed then waved towards the door.

Over ten men in black shirts rushed into the room at once and escorted those youths and the middle-aged couple out of the room.

When that couple was dragged out of the room, they were still wailing and begging for forgiveness.

But those voices diminished slowly as they were dragged further and further away.

After dealing with this pair of tyrannical paper tigers [1], Ma Bing then immediately requested a new suite for Ye Wanwan and sent a warning to the hotel manager.

After all, the middle-aged man was able to locate Ye Wanwan's room, so he must've received a tip-off from someone at the hotel. If this hotel manager continued to be so negligent, that wouldn't do.

When everything was settled, this incident came to a close.

In her new room, Ye Wanwan looked at the face of H city through the windows.

After this incident, Ye Wanwan realized the importance of having her own force; she couldn't always rely on the Si family's reputation.

Power would be her greatest bargaining chip.

If she could have her own forces...

Suddenly, Ye Wanwan's eyes lit up and she thought of something.

She vaguely remembered that in her past life when she arrived in Myanmar's H city, although she didn't go out alone often, she heard some news about H city from the Dark Team guards.

In her previous life, it was said that a group of mercenary was having a major fight with the local forces outside of H city, and everyone was killed eventually.

If she wanted to build her own force, this seemed like a good starting point - if she could save those mercenary for her own use...

Ye Wanwan's eyes glistened slightly. She then looked through her phone contacts immediately and called someone.

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